Fresh Find : Pearl's Finest Teas


Hey hey, y'all! There's this cute little pink tea shop that we've been meaning to go to for ages now called Pearl's Finest Teas. Well, we finally got to go, and it's even cuter than we imagined! Major pink and green Palm Springs vibes in there. And the tea. Holy moly, you guys. It was SO. GOOD. Cort got strawberry vanilla black iced tea, and I got frozen Passionfruit green tea. YUM! As you can see, there's about a billion flavor combinations you could make, so it was near impossible to choose. But that just means we'll need to go back enough times to try them all. I think next time I'm going to try orange vanilla black tea with boba. *drools*

Jen's wearing: Shirt - Anthro, Skirt - ASOS, Neckerchief - Urban Outfitters, Earrings - H&M, Hat - F21, Boots - Public Desire
Cort's wearing: Top - F21, Pants - Zara, Boots - ASOS, Scarf - Flea Market

Are you on your way to Pearl's, or what??

Love & Tea


Simple Deviled Eggs


Everyone has that one weird food that they crave on occasion, right? I could name a LOT of things that just randomly hit me with such strong cravings that I HAVE to have them. It only happens like once every 3 or 4 months, and it's sometimes something I can ignore. But not this time. ;) Deviled Eggs have always been one of my favorite additions to holiday meals growing up. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day. My family always made them. And recently I had a craving I just couldn't ignore, so I made them myself for the first time! Kind of along the lines of my mom's recipe, and then kind of changing and adapting a few things based on a couple of recipes I found on Pinterest. And surprisingly, they weren't as hard as I thought! 

So, here's the ingredients:

  • 8 large eggs
  • 3 tbsp mayo (I use Just Mayo or Veganaise)
  • 3 tbsp finely chopped celery
  • 2 tbsp chopped & drained pickle relish
  • 1 1/2 tsp yellow mustard
  • 1/2 tsp honey mustard
  • 2 tsp finely chopped parsley
  • 2 dashes hot sauce (Frank's Red Hot all the way, baby)
  • Freshly ground black pepper to sprinkle on top


  • Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. You can salt it to taste. Add your eggs. Bring the water down to a simmer and cook eggs for about 10 minutes, slowly turning them about halfway through. Drain the eggs, and transfer them to a bowl of ice water. Let sit until you can touch them without burning your hands. Peel those suckers.
  • While you're waiting for your eggs to cool, you can whisk together your mayo, celery, relish, mustard & honey mustard, parsley, and hot sauce in another bowl. Sprinkle the mixture with salt and pepper.
  • Halve your eggs lengthwise. Scoop your yolks into mayonnaise mixture and place your egg whites on a separate plate. Gently mash the yolks into dressing; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Once the mixture is well-combined, gently spoon the mixture into the empty egg halves.
  • Top your eggs with pepper and more parsley and voila! 
  • I always like to refrigerate mine for a bit before eating, but you can also eat them as soon as they're done! 

NOW, it's your turn to tell us! What's that weird food (or foods) that you crave?!




Our first trip to Vegas!

Didn't someone say "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?" Well, not for us, cause we're about to give y'all all the details from the trip we took about a month ago! ;)

We went with some of our best gals, Leslie (@splendid_rags) and Cyn (@hotpinkpineapples) who, luckily for us, had both been to Vegas a few times before so they were able to show us the ropes! 


And we'll start by saying we didn't go to Vegas for the traditional "Vegas" experience. I mean, we love a good cocktail as much as the next girl, but neither of us are "woo girls", so we did it a little differently and we loved it! 

First of all, our stay was made amazing, thanks to Tru by Hilton! It was just as colorful as we were and had a make your own DONUT BAR! Need we say more?! 

Okay, now that you know about the donuts, we can keep going. 

Yeah, like we said, we did things our own way! We knew we wanted to eat some really good food, drink some really good cocktails, take some photos, and do some vintage shopping-- and that's exactly what we did! 

Vegas has some of the coolest thrift/vintage shops and we had the best time scouring them for good finds! 

Our first night there, we went to this faaaabulous all night diner (if you haven't grasped it by now, kitschy things that are meant for old people are our thing, soooo). This place was called the Peppermill and it was like a neon version of the Rainforest Cafe where everyone was slightly tipsy. And we all ordered omelettes and mimosas at like, 11 pm, and that was just the definition of living our best lives. 

 shot of the interior of Peppermill via Pinterest 

shot of the interior of Peppermill via Pinterest 

We also visited Freemont St on our first night, which is apparently the OG Vegas. We have to say that neither of us were huge fans of it, and wouldn't hang out there if we went back, BUT we did go to a really vibey piano bar for a bit that we really enjoyed. We watched our other girls win (and lose) some money and then headed back to our hotel! 

The next morning we all had some work to do before heading out for the evening! We had breakfast and hung around in our hotel's colorful lobby, and then went out thrifting! 

Also got a chance get workin' on our fitness, as Fergie says, in the Tru hotel gym! 

One of our favorite stops of the trip was this shop, Retro Vegas. Which just so happens to have a really cute wall. :)


Our second night was filled with alllll the yummy food and drinks, all thanks to you guys who follow us coming in clutch with your recommendations! We still say our favorite food we had the whole trip were the grilled cheese dumplings (YES GRILLED CHEESE DUMPLINGS) at Beauty and Essex. And their cocktails were amazing to boot! After that we visited the Chandelier Bar, which was also an amazing recommendation. It's literally a bar inside a chandelier. So, um, go. 

Another favorite part of the trip was this tiki bar we went to, called The Golden Tiki, I think. It's nowhere near the main strip. In fact, I think it might be in a strip mall, but it was AMAZING. Probably the most amazing tiki drinks we've ever had. Isn't that how it works? The hole in the wall places alllllways come through. It basically felt like Disneyland and we 100% would go again! 

On our last day, we had a few more sites we wanted to see before heading back. 

We stopped at the rainbow pipes, the pink cadillac...

aaaaaand, Seven Magic Mountains. Which was basically a religious experience. We felt the same about Salvation Mtn when we saw it for the first time. Something about seeing these art installations in the middle of nowhere that just gets us all choked up. 

And on our way home, we introduced Cyn and Leslie to Cracker Barrel because there's one just outside Vegas and we couldn't resist. :)

Happy to be exploring more of the world with these gals. 


J & C