Candy Cane Colors: Our Current Holiday Outfit Obsession

Tis the season of festive outfits, and honestly, that’s one of our favorite parts. We spend all year basically feeling over dressed, because let’s be real, L.A. is the land of chic black and white and neutrals year round (okay, maybe it’s second place to NYC). And there’s NOTHING wrong with that, but we do kind of do a little happy dance when we’re not the ONLY ones in bright red and pink! ;)

We’ve been to our fair share of holiday parties this year and these outfits are on repeat for us….luckily they’re all parties with different people so we don’t get the whole “LIZZIE MCGUIRE, YOU ARE AN OUTFIT REPEATER” vibes.

Winter in L.A. also means it’s warm enough to have quite a few options when it comes to holiday garb! It doesn’t always have to be covered up by a huge winter coat (although sometimes we add one, just for fun, and it’s usually pink and furry). You also have the option of open toed heels or some cute booties (and if you’ve been following us for longer than like, a month, you know Cort wears basically ONLY booties).

And you guys already know our love for ASOS. You truly cannot beat all the holiday deals they have going on this time of year. We both splurged (not really splurged) on premium shipping this year, so even if you’re in a bind, you can get a cute party dress to you in two days! (Also, no matter how much we wish we could partner with ASOS, this isn’t sponsored, we just spend all our money there).

Jenna’s red pleated jumpsuit, Cort’s red and pink twirly dress, and Cort’s pink velvet booties—all ASOS finds! Jenna’s cute shoes are from the Who What Wear collection at Target! And we can’t forget about our favorite accessories to take to any party! Our Shop Studio DIY clutches! Which would also make the perfect gift for any accessory loving person in your life this holiday season!

What’s your current fave holiday color palette? Also, should we start a petition that states December must actually last at least 3 months because 1 just doesn’t seem long enough? ;)

Love & Christmas Cookies,


A Waffley Good Christmas

This post is sponsored by Waffle Waffle, but all opinions are our own.


In December, it’s mandatory (as far as we’re concerned) to make everything Christmas themed. So, as soon as we partnered with Waffle Waffle to show off their DELICIOUS grab-n-go waffles - pause for drool - we knew what we had to do. MAKE A WAFFLE HOUSE!!


We started off by making a gingerbread house. Let that dry overnight, then attach waffle with icing to the structure! Finish by decorating with as much icing of any color and obviously add copious amounts of sprinkles and gum drops.

Now about these portable waffles. They are individually packaged for optimal snackage. Our favorite flavors are Birthday Cake and Cinnamon Roll, but they’re all delicious! You can get them at 7/11 or some grocery stores, but let’s be honest - we know you’re just gonna get them on Amazon like we all do. Ha! By the way, you’re welcome for introducing you to these. Trust us.

Love & Waffles

Jen & Cort

Christmas at Jen's!


I am under the firm belief that Christmas starts November 1st. Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOVE Thanksgiving. But like, there aren’t any Thanksgiving songs (save Linda’s song from Bob’s Burgers: “….pass the cranberry sauce - we’re havin’ mash-potatos!”). And there are a LOT of Christmas songs to get through, and personally, I just don’t think 25 days is long enough to celebrate the BEST HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR OK.

So when did my tree go up? First weekend of November. 0% shame about that. Christmas cookies were made, cinnamon cocktails were drank, and Christmas music rang through the apartment complex. (Sorry neighbors). It’s my first year to have my own, grown-up tree. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.


I always knew my first real tree would be from Treetopia, I just didn’t know when that dream would come true for me! Honestly, this Christmas tree is the only present I need this year. I went for the Cashmere White tree, and I’m so glad I did!! You can see all the ornaments super well, and I can add as much color as I want! I got a set of magenta, blue, aqua, and green ball ornaments from Amazon to use as my base, then filled in with some ornaments I’ve made and collected just WAITING for my own tree!

I love putting little ornaments towards the top of my tree, and these little vintage babies were perfect! I then put the rest of the little guys on the classic green wreath I got. The more, the merrier, right?? I didn’t have a star or top for the tree, so I made a little cluster of some leftover ornaments and made my own! And, to add to my favorite pink curtains, I added a perfectly pink garland above!

Whether it was the (few) cocktails or just Christmas magic, I was grinning ear to ear the whole night while decorating. It’s always been a serious tradition in my family, and I intend to keep it that way.


Tree shopping cheat sheet (click to shop):

Colorful Trees


Garlands & Wreaths

Love & More Love for Christmas