A Waffley Good Christmas

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In December, it’s mandatory (as far as we’re concerned) to make everything Christmas themed. So, as soon as we partnered with Waffle Waffle to show off their DELICIOUS grab-n-go waffles - pause for drool - we knew what we had to do. MAKE A WAFFLE HOUSE!!


We started off by making a gingerbread house. Let that dry overnight, then attach waffle with icing to the structure! Finish by decorating with as much icing of any color and obviously add copious amounts of sprinkles and gum drops.

Now about these portable waffles. They are individually packaged for optimal snackage. Our favorite flavors are Birthday Cake and Cinnamon Roll, but they’re all delicious! You can get them at 7/11 or some grocery stores, but let’s be honest - we know you’re just gonna get them on Amazon like we all do. Ha! By the way, you’re welcome for introducing you to these. Trust us.

Alternate start to this post, “This is the only kind of Waffle House I ever intend to visit.”


“Below you’ll find the best, Leslie Knope approved, “gingerbread” house.


Love & Waffles

Jen & Cort

Christmas at Jen's!


I am under the firm belief that Christmas starts November 1st. Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOVE Thanksgiving. But like, there aren’t any Thanksgiving songs (save Linda’s song from Bob’s Burgers: “….pass the cranberry sauce - we’re havin’ mash-potatos!”). And there are a LOT of Christmas songs to get through, and personally, I just don’t think 25 days is long enough to celebrate the BEST HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR OK.

So when did my tree go up? First weekend of November. 0% shame about that. Christmas cookies were made, cinnamon cocktails were drank, and Christmas music rang through the apartment complex. (Sorry neighbors). It’s my first year to have my own, grown-up tree. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.


I always knew my first real tree would be from Treetopia, I just didn’t know when that dream would come true for me! Honestly, this Christmas tree is the only present I need this year. I went for the Cashmere White tree, and I’m so glad I did!! You can see all the ornaments super well, and I can add as much color as I want! I got a set of magenta, blue, aqua, and green ball ornaments from Amazon to use as my base, then filled in with some ornaments I’ve made and collected just WAITING for my own tree!

I love putting little ornaments towards the top of my tree, and these little vintage babies were perfect! I then put the rest of the little guys on the classic green wreath I got. The more, the merrier, right?? I didn’t have a star or top for the tree, so I made a little cluster of some leftover ornaments and made my own! And, to add to my favorite pink curtains, I added a perfectly pink garland above!

Whether it was the (few) cocktails or just Christmas magic, I was grinning ear to ear the whole night while decorating. It’s always been a serious tradition in my family, and I intend to keep it that way.


Tree shopping cheat sheet (click to shop):

Colorful Trees


Garlands & Wreaths

Love & More Love for Christmas


Christmas at Cort's!

I mean, it’s no secret. YA GIRLS LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! And Christmas is at the top of the list!


So, we’re showing you how we decorated each of our spaces & trees for this year! And Cort is up first! Don’t worry, you’ll get to see Jenna’s tomorrow! ;)

Let’s dive in to some serious Christmas spirit, shall we? *puts on Mrs. Clause costume

This is the first year Ty and I feel settled in what we know will be “home” to us for a while. I know I’ve mentioned before that we’ve moved a LOT in the past. So, we’ve never had a full sized tree before, the entire time we’ve been married! We had a little one that we used to put on our dresser, but we just couldn’t commit to a big one that took up storage space until we knew where we were going to be!

And I’ve had my eye on this Pretty in Pink Tree from Treetopia for a couple of years now! So, of course that’s the one we went for! And I. Am. Smitten. It’s all of my Christmas dreams come true (have I been watching too many Hallmark movies? lol).

Once we had nailed down the tree, we had to decide on a color palette! That might sound weird to some people, but I have to nail down an overall color palette before I decorate anything!

We settled on metallics (gold & silver), whites, pinks, and aqua-ish blues!

PS-links at the end of the post to shop, so make sure to scroll!

Some of our foundational pieces for the tree were this silver LED lit garland from Treetopia, and we HAD to get the silver LED lit wreath to match! We got our vintage style tree topper from Hobby Lobby, and our ornaments are from all over the place! Lots from Target, some from one of our favorite local shops, Bonjour Fete, a few from Michael’s and a few that we made!


Some of our favorite ornaments also include these special little vintage style figurine ornaments (also from Treetopia, they have a ton of stuff!)

After choosing some of our bigger pieces, like the wreath and the garlands, it was easier to plan out the style and colors of the ornaments to match! We opted for a lot of vintage style ornaments (icicle and tear drop shape) as well as a few modern ones! Needless to say, I had nothing short of a blast decorating this tree with Ty. This time of year is always a bit hard for us to be away from our family (all still in TN), but I do absolutely love starting traditions with him and spending this time one-on-one with each other, talking about what Christmas we’ll be like when we have a family of our own!

Would love to see how you all are decorating for the holidays too!

Treetopia is also having a contest from now until Dec. 10th. If you win, you can add your own set of Treetopia products to your holiday mix! Enter here!

Including some links to shop some of our fave products as well!

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Wreaths and Garlands Collection

Ornaments Collection

Love & Christmas Cookies,