Alt Summit & Palm Springs 2017!

Palm Springs is easily one of our most favorite places we've ever visited. So much color, a mid-century, modern paradise filled with all the colorful doors, beautiful hotels/homes, and just a nice quite desert vibe. Even though it's not that far from L.A., it no doubt feels like a different world. As much as we both love living in L.A., we agree that it's also really nice to leave it for a few days. ;)

And I'm sure most of you have heard of the ultimate blogger conference that is Altitude Summit. Previously held in Salt Lake City, but it was held in Palm Springs this year, and we were so excited to figure that out! That was the only excuse (as if we need one) we needed to take a week off to go and chill poolside with some of our fave insta babes irl! 

And I mean, we also got to learn some really cool stuff from some really successful people in this crazy wild social media/blogging industry, but the classes come secondary to hanging out at the colorful oasis that is the Saguaro with margaritas in our hands. *insert praise hands emoji*

Some of our favorite speakers were:

Holy so much information! If you're really looking to start up, really any kind of creative business for yourself, we definitely recommend trying out this conference! But more than anything, just being able to meet and talk with all these amazing creative people we know via social media, was one of the most amazing experiences. To know that they're all people. Like we're people. This community is so uplifting and supportive, y'all. Our phrase of the week was "community over competition," and that's really what we felt. We found people who love to dress colorfully as much as we do, who are all chasing their passions with a hustle that we admire so hard, and who can also let their guard down and polish off a bottle of wine while talking about everything under the sun in a hot tub. We could ramble on about these people forever, and just how grateful we are to have been brought into this world that we honestly knew nothing about until a year ago. 

BUT we digress, so we'll share some of our favorite snaps from the week! :)

Take it from us. Palm Springs is life, and you should go. Like yesterday. 



Cort & Jen 

Valentine's Day Mini Donuts (Vegan & Gluten-free)

So, the main thing we celebrate on Valentine's Day is Jenna's birthday, BUT, y'all know we love any excuse to bake cute little treats and this red and pink color scheme happening is our JAM (...may or may not be a pun relating to the jam-filled donuts I'm about to show you how to make...moving on..). 

With Jenna recently going vegan and both of us trying to maintain a mostly GF lifestyle, we've had to get a little more creative when we're cooking and baking, but it's actually been really fun! And these may have been my favorite treats I've baked so far (I mean, they're donuts, so it's basically guaranteed that I love them more than most things in life), but seriously, they're so yummy! 

I adapted this recipe from a recipe from Southern In Law, linked here! Just changed a few things around to make it vegan and to my taste! These have a very cake-like cosistency, which is how I like my donuts! 

Now, before anyone freaks out over eggs being in this picture and yelling at me for this not being a vegan recipe. ;) I absolutely 100% realize that eggs aren't vegan, and I didn't use them in the recipe, but a lot of people will, so I wanted to let y'all know they can be used as a replacement! 


  • 1 cup almond flour (or regular flour if ya don't mind the gluten)
  • 3 tbsp pure maple syrup (you can also substitute honey or agave, depending on taste)
  • 1/2 cup almond oil (OR if you're not vegan, 2 eggs)
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • Strawberry jam for filling (optional)
  • Icing and sprinkles for topping (also optional...and this kind of icing IS vegan...not the best for you, but I mean, it's a donut)



  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Grease your donut pan with cooking spray or coconut oil (I got my mini heart-shaped donut pan from Target and it's my favorite)
  • Mix together all ingredients (minus the jam) in a mixing bowl until smooth
  • Fill your donut pan with your mixture, filling each cavity about halfway full. (this recipe makes about 8 mini donuts, which is more than plenty for us, so I usually only grease 8 of the cavities before filling them!)
  • Bake for 10-15 minutes, until golden brown around the edges
  • Allow to cool before removing and filling them, so they'll solidify properly

P.S. I in no way, shape, or form consider myself a professional baker. I realize they're not perfect, but I still thought they were pretty darn cute and they smelled ahhhhmazing. That's one thing I really love about cooking with almond oil. Your whole house smells like toasted almonds when you're done, and if I could bottle that up and make it a cologne for my husband to wear on the daily, best believe I'd do it in two seconds flat. 

Anyway, we wanted to add a special touch to these donuts for Valentine's day, so we decided to fill em with strawberry jam (remember the jam pun from earlier...also fully aware I was probably the only one who giggled at it). ;) 

Ideally, you'll need a pastry bag and nozzle, but if not, a reallyyyyy small teaspoon might work. Don't quote me on that though. ;) Once the donuts cooled, I used a toothpick to carve a hole in the center of each donut, just big enough for a dollop of jam. I tried putting the jam into the side of the donut first, like I've seen them do at Krispy Kreme, and it definitely didn't work. I'm guessing Krispy Kreme probably has a better pastry bag/nozzle than I do. Maybe I should ask them where they get theirs. 

Fill each donut (or as many donuts as you want) with jam, and then frost those babies up! Or maybe not. You're your own person. Go rogue with no frosting if you want. That option just doesn't exist in my world. 

What are some of your tried-and-true V-day recipes? Vegan or non, we'd love to hear em! 

Sending you all champagne and Reese's peanut butter hearts (which is equal to all the love in my book).



Old Fave: Aroma Coffee & Tea

There is something so lovely about having a long brunch and drinking lots of cups of coffee with your favorite people. Lucky for us, Los Angeles has approximately 58,497 coffee shops...and each of them cuter than the one before! It's basically become a hobby of ours to find all the hidden gems. Plus, we'd way rather spend our money at stand alone shops than big chains!

One of our absolute favorite spots is Aroma in North Hollywood. There may be a little bit of a line, but you guys. IT'S SO CUTE. Their portions are big too, perfect for sharing. Food, coffee, pastries, smoothies...all delicious. But let's be real. It's all about the atmosphere. Mismatched everything. Bright colors. Vintage pieces. It's so dang quaint and charming. You can sit indoors or outdoors, both equally as adorable.

And (most importantly), there's lots of Instagram pictures waiting to be taken in the neighborhood. #priorities.

Is there somewhere in LA that we need to brunch?! Tell us in the comments! I wasn't kidding when I said we wanted to try them all.....

Jen's wearing: Dress - Tobi, Shoes - Target, Sweater - Urban Outfitters, Sunnies - Amazon, Lippy - Limecrime

Cort's wearing: Hat - Tobi, Tee - Tees & Tank You, Sweater - Urban Outfitters, Joggers - Tobi, Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Love and Charm,