Girly Garb: Spring Happenings


Why does it feel like there's one season of the year that feels crazy busy? Does that happen to everyone?? Well, Cortney and I seem to be entering that time of year...woo hoo! Cort has siblings graduating on different weekends, and also a bestie in Nashville having a baby - so she's flying back and forth for the next month or so. And I'm in a musical that I've been rehearsing for that opens this Friday, (ahh! - yay!), on top of family visiting and other work going on... All good things - just a lot at once!

Cort and I recently took a quick little visit to Long Beach, and it's so cute! We've definitely got to make it down there more often! And we just haaapppeeennn to bring along our matching clutches from Studio DIY's clutch subscription! (Get on the list if you're not already!!)

If you don't know, Kelly from Studio DIY started a monthly clutch subscription where you get a SUPER cute clutch delivered to your door every month! They're incredible quality, and we ALWAYS get a million compliments on them. This isn't an #ad at all...this is just how much we genuinely love them! Seriously, get on that list!

Jen's wearing: Dress - F21, Belt - Vintage, Tights - Target, Shoes - ASOS, Beret - Hello Holiday - Choker, Urban Outfitters
Cort's wearing: Top - Target, Pants - Zara, Shoes - DSW, Headscarf - Urban Outfitters, Earrings - Marley & Alfie

Are you in your busy season? If so, what all are you juggling? We're in this with you! :P

Love & Fast Paces


Girly Garb: 90's Knits with Modcloth

* This post was sponsored by ModCloth but all opinions are our own.*



Trends, especially in L.A. are ever changing. It's honestly one of the things we love the most about this city. So many different styles, all done their own way, and all constantly adapting off of each other. It's crazy inspiring and fun to try to keep up. ;)

And it's absolutely no secret that 2017 is basically the year of the 90's. Mom jeans, crop tops, t-shirt dresses, those classic black mules that we all wore to middle school dances. And we are NOT mad about it at all. Relishing in all this 90s goodness! And lucky for us, so is Modcloth

Livin' our best fall lives in these fabulous wide leg pants, bold polka dot top & this tweed plaid skirt with this chunky blue pom-pom sweater. We often refer to ourselves as Monica and Rachel (and if you know us, you would probably agree...a lot of our characteristics match), and we feel like they may have actually owned these outfits. ha! 

We've been trying to squeeze everything we can out of this fall weather in Los Angeles. It's probably the season we both miss the most, with us both being from the mid-west/south. So this year we searched out a pumpkin patch, and wound up going on the most perfectly cloudy & cool day! It made our hearts happy. :)

This time of year brings fun plans for both of us! We usually host a Friendsgiving, attend as many holiday parties as we can, drink all the cider and hot chocolate, have tons of girl movie nights with sushi in our jammies, send out holiday cards (cause we really enjoy being grannies), and make lots of crafts! 

Our next thing to really seek out is an apple orchard somewhat close to LA! Real apple cider and cider donuts are two things we have yet to check off our list, and they are calling our NAMES!

What are some of your favorite things to do in the fall?!

Always open to broadening our list!



Cort & Jen 

2 Broke Girls- Los Angeles Version

So, it's actually kind of ridiculous how many times this has happened to us. Most of the time it happens at airports, a couple of times at restaurants, and once at Michael's. 

"Are you guys the 2 broke girls?"

And we're always like...yes, but not the ones you're referring to. Not the ones from the TV show...cause they're probably rich in all reality. *shrugs* But, this year's costume is for all those people out there who have mistaken us for Max and Caroline. Hopefully we've done them justice. Maybe if they see this, they'll invite us on the it still airing? 

Happy Halloween, witches! 


J & C