Cort's Kitchen Reveal!

Alright, you guys! This is the last room reno for me...for now, until I get the courage to take on our bathroom or get bored and redo one of the rooms I already redid. Our kitchen! Which, if I'm being honest, was the most intimidating one for me! 

Lemme just give y'all a sneaky peek of what it was like before.

Like what even are those Slytherin lookin' cabinet knobs? Is this patio furniture in 2004? Maybe I'm being overdramatic, but y'all know grey and tan aren't my power colors. When we looked at this apartment, I loved everything but the kitchen (except the backsplash, we did keep that). BUT I knew I could change what I wanted and it wasn't worth passing up the space. And as you can see from our entire apartment reno, we were excited for a project! Something to feel like ours. And with this room done, it truly does! 

So......*drum roll*



Complete with matching lemon pj's, because would you expect anything less?

This kitchen was a lot of little projects rolled into one. As you can see, it's small and it's a rental, so it's not like I'm allowed to (or can afford to) just knock it down and build a new one. So it was about focusing my attention on all the little things I could change! Probably the biggest change you'll notice is the cabinet color and cabinet hardware, which were the first things we nailed down! 

If you guys saw our living room reveal post, you know we got an aqua colored mid-century sofa from Joybird. Our kitchen kind of backs up to our living room, so when you walk in our front door, the first things you notice are our couch and our kitchen cabinets, so I knew I wanted the colors to compliment each other! We chose the color Island Oasis from Dunn Edwards for our kitchen and could not be more thrilled with the way it turned out! Sure, a bright color is harder to maintain than a darker color but to me it's worth it! We also immediately knew we wanted to replace the distressed metal cabinet hardware with something more sleek and gold, because gold forever. We discovered Emtek when looking for new hardware for our bedroom, and knew we wanted to use them for basically all the new hardware in our house. We chose the Satin Brass Bar Pulls for our cabinets and I love the contrast that they add! And if I haven't said this already, they age beautifully! I love to cook and I'm so much happier spending time in the kitchen now! 


Ps, here is the snippet of our cabinets backed up to our couch, so you can see the colors together! Also, our pink trashcan is from Bed, Bath, & Beyond! 

And the pink trashcan brings me to my next point! Choosing all of our kitchen accessories. As much as I could easily go crazy and choose things in every color, I knew with this size and layout of a space, I had to stick to just a few or it would just feel too chaotic (for me, at least). 

So, obviously we have the teal cabinets, and I wanted to play around with different hues of pink (duh) and throw in some yellow accents! 

We bought this little coffee cart from one of our friends a while back (I think it's originally from IKEA) and we painted the top of it pink (scroll up to see the before). Having designated sections in a small kitchen definitely helps me feel more organized, so this is where we make all our coffees and teas and usually where I prep anything I'm baking. I might sound like a crazy person, but just giving you guys my full self here. Haha!

And as far as like, kitchen accessories, we didn't really have much. We had pots and pans that we had gotten when we got married and we have plates and silverware and all the basics, but we're like, grown ups now, and apparently all your spices and baking mixes don't have to live in mis matched tupperware. But no shame if they do. ;) 

SO, we turned to Wayfair, and holy everything did they save us. We found SO much that we loved and that matched the look and feel we were going for! Our gold french press, our coral-colored tea kettle, our new bar cart, Lily's mid-century modern dog bowls, our new lavender cookware, and a lot more! Don't worry, I'll link it all below! 

Just constantly finding it amazing how much little changes in a space can affect (effect? I never know) my mood so much, and being able to share it with you guys is so much fun! 



Product links: 

2 Piece Desktop Succulent Plant Lavender Cookware Set ,  Retro Pink Stock Pot with Lid ,  Bamboo Angled Pet Feeder- size Medium Striped Cotton Towel- set of 4 in pink,  7 Piece Yellow Kitchen Utensil Set ,  4 Piece Adelaide Canister Set ,  Presley Tea Kettle in Pink,  Stainless Steel Gold French Press ,  Alfonso Bar Cart Pink Toaster, Kitchen Rug, Flower Shaped Serving Bowl, Blush Trash Can


Stepping into Creativity with Flow Magazine!

* This post was sponsored by Workman Publishing but all opinions are our own.*


If you've been following us for a while, you know we've posted about Flow Magazine before. We fell in love with their books and brand at Alt Summit two years ago and our love has only grown since then. 

For those of y'all that aren't familiar with the brand, Flow is a magazine that celebrates creativity, mindfulness, imperfection, and life's small pleasures. In a time where a lot of other print medias are focusing their energies on their digital properties, Flow is fully embracing the physical qualities of paper and the formats in which it can be delivered. And if you know us, you know we're both old souls (read: grandmas), so there's just something about diving into a tangible book with prompts of encouragement that's still so special to us. 

This latest book is called Creativity Takes Courage, which if there's ever a statement that's resonated with us, it's this one! When we first started this blog/brand, we were really scared to kind of step out of our comfort zone when it came to creativity, whether that be with the projects we did, colors we wore, people we talked to, so on and so forth. It takes courage to put yourself out there and realize your full potential in your career, and just as a person in general! 

This book is sort of organized around a series of "dares". Dare to fail. Dare to try something new. Dare to start. Dare to sleep more (HOLLER). Anyway, each chapter breaks down these challenges with stories, words of encouragement, prompts to enhance your creativity in this specific way. Most chapters end with an "And Now You" section where you really have to put into practice the particular "dare." Which is super important to us. If there's not a prompt to practice it, I'm not going to practice it. It's a great little extra push to get started and open yourself up! 

So! When we got our hands on this book and had both skimmed through it, we both had ideas on things we wanted to branch out on for the rest of the year. So we went to a new place, ordered new things off the menu, and discussed new ideas. 

If you haven't been to Dots Cafe in Pasadena, it will inspire you in every way possible. Every inch of it is adorable and so well thought out, and we're both just suckers for good visuals in a place. We got veggie fries (air fried mushrooms, holy delish), an avocado salad, and peach passionfruit green tea, and talked about what we wanted for our business and ourselves throughout the rest of this year, and how we can accomplish it, starting with small things from this book! That's something we've realized along the way of working for ourselves. Nothing happens over night. Start with little steps working up to a big goal. And while we'll keep our big picture goals a secret for now, we will share two of the ways we're going to try centering our mindfulness and creativity! 


Jenna is going to start a daily project notebook. A project she'll do everyday for however long--a week, a month, 3 months, whatever. Some examples in the book that really stood out to us were: take a 15 minute walk everyday, no matter the weather, and write notes about what you notice along the way; and take a photo at the same time everyday, wherever you are in that moment. 


Cort is going to start keeping a "Quietness Diary". We get so easily distracted with a thousand things going on around us at once. But the purpose of this diary is to take note of things you notice when you quiet your mind. The smell of coffee brewing, how the sun feels on your face in the morning, stuff like that. Small pleasures that really open your mind up to what's going on outside of your phone. ;)


What are some of your ways you dive into your creativity? We'd love to know! 


Love & new things, 

J & C 

Jenna's Living Room Tour!


This blog post is a big deal to me. 

From sharing a room with my sister for 18 years, to renting small rooms in other people's homes in Denver, New York, and Los Angeles...I have always been so excited for the time when I got to decorate my own place. I've had Pinterest boards full of interior decor inspo for longer than I can remember. I can't believe at 25, it's finally my time to nest my little heart out!!

As Cort mentioned in her home update, this truly wouldn't be possible without our friends at They have soooo many pieces that run the gamut of all styles! Who would've thought that I would find so many beautiful mid-century modern pieces?! They are the centerpieces of my living room, and I'm thoroughly pleased with them!

My goal was to use all wood (specifically walnut-finished) furniture. I wanted to rid the space of all black and white furniture and replace it with beautiful wood pieces. I'm so happy with this choice! It makes the room feel rich and more permanent...if that makes sense? 

I'm probably going to word-vomit a bit in the post, describing how I came to each decorative decision, so feel free to skip over and just looks at the pics! ;) *I will link the bigger pieces at the end, but PLEASE feel free to ask where any other item is from, and I'll share!*

Enough talkie-talk - lemme show you!

I don't have many "before" pics - but lemme just say, we had NOTHING. I literally started from scratch. There was this old yucky couch, a black coffee table, and two white end tables. No TV, nothing on the walls, just a bare rectangle of a living room. 


Going from this ^ to this was no easy task. I started with this beautiful, light grey sectional from JoyBird. I knew I wanted to keep the space light in color, so this was the perfect fit! Super comfy, lots of room for sitting, and easy to decorate around. Love it so much!


I think the coffee table is my favorite piece in the room. And the end table added the perfect touch! Deciding to keep the wood tones all walnut made it easy to match pieces together!


Having a desk was a new concept for me. I had a whole wall that I wasn't sure what to do with. So as I was mindlessly scrolling through Overstock, I came across this desk and chair and was set on it. Working at a desk as opposed to the couch has HONESTLY made a huge difference in my work process! I'm more focused and it's truthfully more comfortable to type this way. Hahaha. 

Finding the perfect bookcase was actually harder for me. I didn't have room for a huge horizontal case, and I still wanted it to have the same vintage feel as the rest of the pieces. I found this one at Walmart...and I was shocked. I love how this wall came together! 





I've never had a huge, live plant in my house before, and I was scared too since they're expensive and often die. So I looked up what plants are low-maintenance and pretty, and got this one! I water it maayyybbeee once a week, and it's grown substantially since February! #blessed

I've always wanted a circle bar cart. Decorating it was so fun. If you can't tell, I've honestly had the time of my life decorating my apartment. Haha! Adding it to my list of hobbies. I also never want to leave the house because I love looking at everything. Does anyone else to that?? No? Just me...? *shrugs and sinks back into the couch...* 

Oh, yeah...the bar cart.

I'm noticing that every time I start describing a new section of the living room, I find myself wanting to start with, "This section is my favorite." But this is probably the one I look at the most, since the TV is there. :P This TV console is the first piece of wooden furniture I bought for the space, and as soon as it was assembled, I started ravaging the house for all of the little trinkets I had collected for years to decorate my future living room with. I basically filled the entire thing in 5 minutes, only adding a few things here and there over time. My fave things in this case are the golden hand bookends. *heart eyes!* This one piece set the tone for how I was going to decorate the rest of the room. (And the TV that we had just bought magically fit perfectly on top. (We forgot to measure) #fate). 

The green accent chair adds a nice little pop of color in the perfect shade. It's also super comfy. *bonus points* It took me forever to find the perfect pillow situation for it, but I'm obsessed with what is going on there right now. I'll probably get tired of it eventually and change it, but it's pretty perfect for now! I found a DIY for the 3 mirrors on A Beautiful Mess. Love how they turned out!


This isn't the best guitar in the whole world, but it's pretty darn cute, and needed to go on my wall. I LOVE my sheer pink linen curtains, and I love the little gold hand that holds them back even more!!





This cute little scalloped table is just so dang cute, I couldn't pass it up! I love having mismatched end tables. For some reason, it just represents me - I couldn't decide, so I just got both! *shrugs*


And there ya have it! I am super proud of this room. I've basically neglected the rest of the apartment to get this room right. Ha! That being to start on the bedroom! Thanks for reading!!


Love & Nesting


Product links:

Coffee Table - c/o

End Table - c/o

Couch - c/o JoyBird

Desk and chair - c/o

Bookcase - Walmart (Not at Walmart anymore - but I found it here)

Bar Cart - gift

Accent Chair - Article

TV Console - Target

Golden Hand Bookends - c/o

Pink Linen Curtains - c/o

Gold Hand Curtain Pull - Anthropologie

Pink Scalloped End Table - Target

Starburst Lamps - Target (no longer in stock)