Girls Night In with Happi Foodi!

This post was sponsored by Happi Foodi, but all opinions are our own

Anyone else just get crazed around the holiday season? I don’t know what alarm goes off in our brains that says “you have to get this much done before the end of the year!”. But it does! Every year. And every year we’re running around like mad women trying to finish all the things we’ve overbooked for ourselves. A lot of people these days try to glamorize being overly busy, but if you ask us, sometimes there’s not much glamour to it at all. Sometimes it’s just hard!

We both love to be in the kitchen. Cooking, baking, making cocktails, whatever it may be! But during seasons of life when things do get really crazy, making meals for ourselves can become less of a priority. And I don’t know about you, but eating out all the time just results in us feeling blah. Blah about not making the healthiest choices and blah about spending money that we should be saving! Cue Happi Foodi!


We recently discovered Happi Foodi and first of all, fell in love with their packaging, because hellooooo! Could it be anymore colorful?! And secondly, we loved their mission statement:

“We believe in the joy of a real meal and that food can bring people together for a greater good. That’s why we champion and support hyper-local organizations across the U.S. that are working to:

  1. Reveal the joy of a real meal

  2. Eliminate food insecurity through urban agriculture

  3. Transform lives and help underserved communities thrive”

Sold! We decided which dishes we wanted to try out and jetted out to Walmart to buy em!

We chose: Barbacoa Mac & Cheese, Mozzarella Jalapeno Arepas, Tequila Lime Chicken & Rice, and Cuban Style Egg Rolls! And we decided after a really busy week that a girls’ night in would be the perfect excuse to make some of them!

Another thing we loved when we were reading up on Happi Foodi was the fact that they take familiar or traditional dishes (like chicken & rice or egg rolls) and add their own twist (like a tequila lime sauce or a Cuban flair!), and that you can pair a lot of their dishes together to create a meal! We decided to pair the Tequila Lime Chicken with our Cuban Style Egg Rolls and we weren’t disappointed! If you know us, you know your girls cannot do anything spicy! These two dishes had delish flavoring without burning our tongues. ;)

On top of the fresh ingredients and the unique flavors, convenience is also something that’s super important to us, especially on a day after emails, meetings, conference calls, photoshoots, or whatever the day may hold (life of a freelancer, am I right?! Ha!) and we’re just tired. So something we can pop in the oven for 20 minutes and steam for 10 minutes (most likely while we’re having a glass of wine) is ideal. ;)

Give us a rom-com and girls’ night is good to go!

Our wallets and tummies are a little happier! Would love to know if you guys have tried Happi Foodi and what your faves were, cause planning our next Walmart trip to pick up some new ones ASAP!

Love & egg rolls,

J & C

A Whimsy Halloween- Lucy & Ethel

Y’all didn’t think we could let this season pass without giving you a Halloween costume, did ya?! This is our 3rd year of showing our Halloween costumes on Whimsy!

Two years ago we were bloggers. Lol.

And last year, we were 2 Broke Girls (we used to get mistaken for these actresses ALL THE TIME…not so much now since we changed our hairstyles.) ;)

But this year might be our favorite yet.

We both grew up being big fans of I Love Lucy. Ya catch where I’m going?

Say hello to our version of Lucy & Ethel.

Specifically Lucy & Ethel from the “Job Switching” episode where they work at the candy factory!

These looks were super fun and SO easy to recreate in our own way! And don’t be surprised if you see us wearing these dresses irl.

Probably the best part of this day was having to stop for gas before going to shoot and getting out of the car with a giant pink chef’s hat. Anything for the gram, am I right?

We even tested how many chocolates we could fit into our mouths. Not the best idea we’ve ever had. ;)

What are you guys going as for Halloween?!

Love & Lucy,

J & C

Cort's Kitchen Reveal!

Alright, you guys! This is the last room reno for me...for now, until I get the courage to take on our bathroom or get bored and redo one of the rooms I already redid. Our kitchen! Which, if I'm being honest, was the most intimidating one for me! 

Lemme just give y'all a sneaky peek of what it was like before.

Like what even are those Slytherin lookin' cabinet knobs? Is this patio furniture in 2004? Maybe I'm being overdramatic, but y'all know grey and tan aren't my power colors. When we looked at this apartment, I loved everything but the kitchen (except the backsplash, we did keep that). BUT I knew I could change what I wanted and it wasn't worth passing up the space. And as you can see from our entire apartment reno, we were excited for a project! Something to feel like ours. And with this room done, it truly does! 

So......*drum roll*



Complete with matching lemon pj's, because would you expect anything less?

This kitchen was a lot of little projects rolled into one. As you can see, it's small and it's a rental, so it's not like I'm allowed to (or can afford to) just knock it down and build a new one. So it was about focusing my attention on all the little things I could change! Probably the biggest change you'll notice is the cabinet color and cabinet hardware, which were the first things we nailed down! 

If you guys saw our living room reveal post, you know we got an aqua colored mid-century sofa from Joybird. Our kitchen kind of backs up to our living room, so when you walk in our front door, the first things you notice are our couch and our kitchen cabinets, so I knew I wanted the colors to compliment each other! We chose the color Island Oasis from Dunn Edwards for our kitchen and could not be more thrilled with the way it turned out! Sure, a bright color is harder to maintain than a darker color but to me it's worth it! We also immediately knew we wanted to replace the distressed metal cabinet hardware with something more sleek and gold, because gold forever. We discovered Emtek when looking for new hardware for our bedroom, and knew we wanted to use them for basically all the new hardware in our house. We chose the Satin Brass Bar Pulls for our cabinets and I love the contrast that they add! And if I haven't said this already, they age beautifully! I love to cook and I'm so much happier spending time in the kitchen now! 


Ps, here is the snippet of our cabinets backed up to our couch, so you can see the colors together! Also, our pink trashcan is from Bed, Bath, & Beyond! 

And the pink trashcan brings me to my next point! Choosing all of our kitchen accessories. As much as I could easily go crazy and choose things in every color, I knew with this size and layout of a space, I had to stick to just a few or it would just feel too chaotic (for me, at least). 

So, obviously we have the teal cabinets, and I wanted to play around with different hues of pink (duh) and throw in some yellow accents! 

We bought this little coffee cart from one of our friends a while back (I think it's originally from IKEA) and we painted the top of it pink (scroll up to see the before). Having designated sections in a small kitchen definitely helps me feel more organized, so this is where we make all our coffees and teas and usually where I prep anything I'm baking. I might sound like a crazy person, but just giving you guys my full self here. Haha!

And as far as like, kitchen accessories, we didn't really have much. We had pots and pans that we had gotten when we got married and we have plates and silverware and all the basics, but we're like, grown ups now, and apparently all your spices and baking mixes don't have to live in mis matched tupperware. But no shame if they do. ;) 

SO, we turned to Wayfair, and holy everything did they save us. We found SO much that we loved and that matched the look and feel we were going for! Our gold french press, our coral-colored tea kettle, our new bar cart, Lily's mid-century modern dog bowls, our new lavender cookware, and a lot more! Don't worry, I'll link it all below! 

Just constantly finding it amazing how much little changes in a space can affect (effect? I never know) my mood so much, and being able to share it with you guys is so much fun! 



Product links: 

2 Piece Desktop Succulent Plant Lavender Cookware Set ,  Retro Pink Stock Pot with Lid ,  Bamboo Angled Pet Feeder- size Medium Striped Cotton Towel- set of 4 in pink,  7 Piece Yellow Kitchen Utensil Set ,  4 Piece Adelaide Canister Set ,  Presley Tea Kettle in Pink,  Stainless Steel Gold French Press ,  Alfonso Bar Cart Pink Toaster, Kitchen Rug, Flower Shaped Serving Bowl, Blush Trash Can