The Best Ways to See Broadway Shows and Not Pay a Million Dollars


As you all know, I go to New York a lot. I lived there for a little bit once, and honestly thought I would end up living there permanently. This was before I came to Los Angeles and fell in love with it. All this to say - I love NYC and love traveling there every chance I get...if for nothing else than to catch up on this season's Broadway shows! Which is exactly what I did this time around. I honestly barely did anything else besides eat, drink, and watch shows. Best. Week. Ever. 


There are several ways to get *cheaper* tickets to Broadway shows. There's a million apps, there's the TKTS booth in the middle of Times Square, you can play the lottery - but for *most* shows, the way to get the best price is to go DIRECTLY to the box office at the theatre at 10 am (or close-ish to that. Even noon is usually fine), and ask for a general rush ticket. There aren't any extra fees that the TKTS booth or apps make you pay for going through them. And they always have rush tickets for each show. If you are going to use an app, I've learned that Today Tix is the best one. You might get cheaper tickets through the online lottery, but by the time you find out if you've won or not, and you didn't win, it's too late to get rush tix for that evening, so you end up outta luck!


I started my show-ventures with Once On this Island. LITTLE DID I KNOW that this would be one of my favorite shows EVAR. 

How I got my ticket: They actually don't do a general rush...they do an old school lottery process where you go to the theatre an hour and a half before show time and write your name on a piece of paper and then they draw from a bucket. I was lucky and went on a night where they had a lot of lottery tickets to give, so everyone who entered won! My ticket was $59. Some people scored $49 tickets. 

Review of the show: Kinda gave it away up there ^^ ...but lemme reiterate. THIS SHOW WAS AMAZING. I didn't know anything about the storyline or the music. All I knew was that everyone I know has seen it, and Lea Salonga is in it. (She's the singing voice for Jasmine and Mulan...yeah). The original Broadway run of this show was in 1990, and the 2018 revival won the Tony for Best Revival! The theatre is shaped in a circle around the stage, so they perform to every angle. The stage was covered in sand, and they had live animals! It was an extremely immersive experience - there was even wind blown throughout the audience! I think I cried more in this show than any show I've seen. And I basically cry at every show. I'll stop there, but if you get the chance, I URGE you to see this show. I bought merch. I never buy merch. 


Next up - Mean Girls. This one was kind of a no-brainer to see.

How I got my ticket: So, on Wednesdays, the box office does a special where if you wear pink and get there early enough, you get $42 tickets. (Just so you know, I was planning on splurging on this show, because the cheapest tickets I could find beforehand were $130. So that's what I was expecting to pay). Box office opens at 10am. I wasn't willing to get there before I got there at 8. Other people were way more invested, and got there at 5am with lawn chairs. #nothanks. So I missed out on those tix. But! since I was there, I asked the box office what the cheapest ticket was, and they said $79.50 with limited viewing. So I took it! The "limited viewing" was just the railing you see in the pic to the right. If I sat forward in my seat, I saw just fine!

Review of the show: Super fun! Big stage, big production numbers, lots of belting (sometimes seemed more like yelling), and all your favorite moments from the movie! Janis and Damian were hilarious and kind of acted as narrators in the show. I wore went on a Wednesday and wore pink, and it was awesome. Was it the best musical of all time? No. But, was it super fun and would I recommend it? 

**Bonus points to Mean Girls for these signs by the bathroom**

Wednesday was a double-header, so it was off to Carousel next!


How I got my ticket: let me reiterate- go to the box office at 10 am and ask for "general rush" or just the cheapest ticket. I got a $40 ticket in the front center on the mezzanine. That's theatre-nerd speak for: A GREAT DEAL. 

Review of the show: I basically planned this trip around this show. Ever since they announced the cast, I knew I had to see it. Jessie Mueller, Lindsay Mendez, Renee about a dream cast!! AND I got to see the show right before it won for Best Choreography (duh) and Best Featured Actress - Lindsay Mendez! So that was cool. But aside from all that, I love me some classic theatre. And again with the dancing in this show!!! I was in heaven. Def cried. 



Thursday, I decided, seemed like the perfect day for Hello, Dolly!


How I got my ticket: I've said it before, and I'll say it again - go to the box office directly. I got a ticket in the mezzanine for $59. To see flippin' Bernadette Peters!!!

Review of the show: LOVE! Just utterly amazed at how Bernadette can still perform like that at age 70. 70!!! And also, Victor Garber played her opposite. Yooouuu knnooooowww who that is...Daddy Warbucks in Annie? Professor Callahan in Legally Blonde? So, that was awesome. But, the COSTUMES you guys!! INCREDIBLE. I'm so glad I got to see this show with this cast. My mom has loved Bernadette for as long as I can remember, so I kinda went for her, too. 




I took Friday off from shows, and hit up my last show of the trip on Saturday...SPONGEBOB!


How I got my ticket: Box office. Early in the day. $50 front mezzanine. 

Review of the show: Even better than I thought it would be...and I kinda had high expectations! I grew up watching and loving Spongebob, so I was worried that they would just make it super cheesy. But it felt really true to how I think of Spongebob! They won the Tony for Best Scenic Design, and they totally deserved it. You feel like you're underwater when you walk in! (hence the blue pic you see ;). I was basically beaming and grinning like a little kid the whole show. If you like Spongebob - HIGHLY recommend!!!



And with that, my Broadway shows were over. *heavy sigh* Fave show - Once On This Island (praise hands)

Here's some pics from the rest of my trip!

Me in Time Square - Fish Tacos from Mother Burger (yum) - Freaking out about Bernadette - my FAVE meal in NYC, grilled octopus from Lexington Brass (YUM) - 49th Street stop - Tea & Sympathy, a restaurant recommended by Courtney of @colormecourtney, was a proper English tea. So cute!! - Central Park viewz - Mint Julep from Lexington Brass - every residential street in Manhattan - Kinship Coffee in Astoria - my bb Cassie! <3

Hope you enjoyed NYC through my eyes!

Love & Broadway


Girl's Night in with barkTHINS!

*This post was sponsored by barkTHINS, but all opinions are our own* 


We know we've said it a lot lately, but this has been such a crazy season of life for both of us! Lots of travel, working on some new things, exploring new areas of our lives. I guess that's growing up, huh? ;) So, most of the times we've seen each other lately, it's been for work. Either an event or brainstorming new content, or editing a shoot. And we are two girls who need our chill time. I think we're both 50/50 extroverted/introverted. Haha! And when we first became friends, girl's night for just the two of us was a staple. We'd pick out a rom-com, grab some wine, and make a plate of our fave snacks! The perfect recipe for a classic GNI (gal's night in). We recently had ONE mutual free night, right before Jenna left town again, and jumped on it! And luckily for us, we had one of our favorite snacks that we always keep on hand, barkTHINS, because is it even a girl's night if you don't have chocolate?!


Since this bestie night was kind of impromptu, we didn't really have time to make much for it. Both of us love to be in the kitchen and love to plan a party menu, even if it's just for the two of us. So, we kind of left it up to barkTHINS to provide our tasting palette. We based our snack foods around one of our favorite flavors, Dark Chocolate Almond

We decided on a deep red wine blend, some fresh berries, some strawberry thumbprint cookies, marshmallow fluff dip (which is marshmallow creme and's a Southern thing), and some crackers with brie cheese (the only cheese we'll make an exception for, cause we don't eat cheese, but like, brie is on another level). 


Like we said, we kind of based all these flavors you can taste in this Dark Chocolate flavor of our barkTHINS, and all our snacks complimented each other (and our wine) perfectly! We popped on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and forgot about the 2,000 other things we should've been doing and just chilled and caught up on life with each other. 

We're thinking this "using our snacking chocolate to be the foundation of our menu" thing might become a regular thing for us. Ha! ;) Lucky for us, we usually buy our barkTHINS in bulk, so we have plenty of choices for our next girl's night. 

What's your favorite way to spend a night in with your bestie? Always up for suggestions!

Love & Chocolate, 

J & C 

Our first trip to Vegas!

Didn't someone say "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?" Well, not for us, cause we're about to give y'all all the details from the trip we took about a month ago! ;)

We went with some of our best gals, Leslie (@splendid_rags) and Cyn (@hotpinkpineapples) who, luckily for us, had both been to Vegas a few times before so they were able to show us the ropes! 


And we'll start by saying we didn't go to Vegas for the traditional "Vegas" experience. I mean, we love a good cocktail as much as the next girl, but neither of us are "woo girls", so we did it a little differently and we loved it! 

First of all, our stay was made amazing, thanks to Tru by Hilton! It was just as colorful as we were and had a make your own DONUT BAR! Need we say more?! 

Okay, now that you know about the donuts, we can keep going. 

Yeah, like we said, we did things our own way! We knew we wanted to eat some really good food, drink some really good cocktails, take some photos, and do some vintage shopping-- and that's exactly what we did! 

Vegas has some of the coolest thrift/vintage shops and we had the best time scouring them for good finds! 

Our first night there, we went to this faaaabulous all night diner (if you haven't grasped it by now, kitschy things that are meant for old people are our thing, soooo). This place was called the Peppermill and it was like a neon version of the Rainforest Cafe where everyone was slightly tipsy. And we all ordered omelettes and mimosas at like, 11 pm, and that was just the definition of living our best lives. 

 shot of the interior of Peppermill via Pinterest&nbsp;

shot of the interior of Peppermill via Pinterest 

We also visited Freemont St on our first night, which is apparently the OG Vegas. We have to say that neither of us were huge fans of it, and wouldn't hang out there if we went back, BUT we did go to a really vibey piano bar for a bit that we really enjoyed. We watched our other girls win (and lose) some money and then headed back to our hotel! 

The next morning we all had some work to do before heading out for the evening! We had breakfast and hung around in our hotel's colorful lobby, and then went out thrifting! 

Also got a chance get workin' on our fitness, as Fergie says, in the Tru hotel gym! 

One of our favorite stops of the trip was this shop, Retro Vegas. Which just so happens to have a really cute wall. :)


Our second night was filled with alllll the yummy food and drinks, all thanks to you guys who follow us coming in clutch with your recommendations! We still say our favorite food we had the whole trip were the grilled cheese dumplings (YES GRILLED CHEESE DUMPLINGS) at Beauty and Essex. And their cocktails were amazing to boot! After that we visited the Chandelier Bar, which was also an amazing recommendation. It's literally a bar inside a chandelier. So, um, go. 

Another favorite part of the trip was this tiki bar we went to, called The Golden Tiki, I think. It's nowhere near the main strip. In fact, I think it might be in a strip mall, but it was AMAZING. Probably the most amazing tiki drinks we've ever had. Isn't that how it works? The hole in the wall places alllllways come through. It basically felt like Disneyland and we 100% would go again! 

On our last day, we had a few more sites we wanted to see before heading back. 

We stopped at the rainbow pipes, the pink cadillac...

aaaaaand, Seven Magic Mountains. Which was basically a religious experience. We felt the same about Salvation Mtn when we saw it for the first time. Something about seeing these art installations in the middle of nowhere that just gets us all choked up. 

And on our way home, we introduced Cyn and Leslie to Cracker Barrel because there's one just outside Vegas and we couldn't resist. :)

Happy to be exploring more of the world with these gals. 


J & C