Travel Guide to Positano, Italy!

Have you guys tired of me talking about Italy yet?

It’s good if you haven’t, and I’m terribly sorry if you have, but I obviously have a whole blog post on the subject, sooooo. ;)

This won’t be a super word-heavy post. I don’t even know how I would sum up Italy into words. But this was kind of a honeymoon for Ty and I in a lot of ways. Since we got married when we were 18, didn’t have passports at that time, couldn’t drink, and had like $700 to our name. So this was our adult honeymoon, at least. Ha!

Italy was magical and romantic and beautiful in every way. I know everyone’s going right now and it’s a super trendy destination, but I’ve had a Pinterest board of photos of just Positano for 8 years now, so whether everyone thinks I went just to get the perfect Instagram photo or not, I don’t care….but like, that’s not the reason I went. ;)

So, I’ll go through, let you know our favorite spots, and where you should absolutely go. And you should go. There’s just something about this place that I think everyone should experience. Also the food is worth the plane ticket, just if I’m being totally honest.


First of all, people aren’t joking about these Positano stairs. They are a serious, calf ripping workout. We stayed at the very tip top of the hill and walked down, usually twice a day. We’d go down once in the morning to explore/go to the beach, and then go back up to clean up for dinner, and back down for dinner, and back up at the end of the night. I think our entire time there, we walked around 35-40 miles. We didn’t get in a car once, and even though it was exhausting, I’d recommend it to anyone. You don’t get to see these hidden alleyways and beautiful homes if you’re in a car. And so much of the beauty of Positano is hidden around every turn. So walk as much as you can. It also helps with the indulgent eating. ;)

Probably our favorite spot of the trip was Franco’s. A bar attached to the Le Sirenuse hotel (which we didn’t stay at, but we will next time, cause holy gorgeous). Anyway, it has a great view, fabulous (more pricey) drinks, but the view makes up for it. Just really vibey and a great place to grab a spritz before or after dinner! Tip: there was always a line when we were there. Get there before they open and line up on the street. People go crazy for this place.

Another thing I would recommend. Rent beach chairs. We didn’t go with the idea of doing this, but the beaches are just so beautiful, that we actually wound up doing it 3 times. Twice in Positano and once when we went to Capri! We did two days on a more private beach, which I would say was absolutely worth the money, and one day on a more public beach. And don’t let yourself leave without getting in that water. So clear you can see to the bottom, and felt incredibly freeing to swim in. Also, I ordered all of the Aperol Spritzes if you can’t tell already.

Speaking of Capri, GO TO CAPRI! We spent a whole day there, and it might have been my favorite day of the trip. We took the ferry there around 10 am and came back on the same ferry around 6 pm. We just walked the island, had a long leisurely lunch, went to one of the aforementioned beaches there (which wasn’t really a beach, more-so a beautiful cliffside with lounge chairs and an entrance into the water—seriously unimaginable beauty), got cookies at Buonocore Gelateria (a must if you’re on Capri), and it was wonderful!

The rest of the time was spent just being together in that beautiful place. Eating lots of pasta, pizza, and gelato. Ordering two glasses of wine with dinner, and listening to music out by the water. Bliss.

A couple of must eats:

Collina Bakery- Best cannolis and croissants we had, and they also have a restaurant just outside the bakery that had the best clam pasta!

Chez Black - Beautiful atmosphere, live music (so fun), and delish pizza!

Capricci- Adorable outdoor restaurant down by the water. Very casual and I’m positive the people at the next table will talk to you. Loved the pasta with vegetables and tomato sauce, and the staff was incredibly kind!

Da Vincenzo- This may have been my favorite dinner? It’s so hard to say, they were all so good! This restaurant is kind of tucked away in the upper neighborhood streets of Positano and offered a nice change of scenery from the beach! And I will forever be singing the praises of the tuna & vegetable stuffed pepper we had here. Insane. So insane that I didn’t get a photo of it. hah!

Buca di Bacco- A hotel/restaurant also down on the water. Probably the best gnocchi I’ve ever had!

And obviously, get gelato every chance you get!

The last thing I would absolutely recommend is to book a little cruise around the Amalfi Coast. We booked a four hour private boat tour through Positano Boats and it’s something I know we’ll both remember forever. They take you from Positano down to Amalfi, stop in grottos along the way that you can swim in and out of. We even got to cliff jump a little bit! Just an incredibly special experience!

Here are a few more snaps of our explorations!

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions of if you’re in search of any additional recommendations!

Love & pasta,