Jenna's Living Room Tour!


This blog post is a big deal to me. 

From sharing a room with my sister for 18 years, to renting small rooms in other people's homes in Denver, New York, and Los Angeles...I have always been so excited for the time when I got to decorate my own place. I've had Pinterest boards full of interior decor inspo for longer than I can remember. I can't believe at 25, it's finally my time to nest my little heart out!!

As Cort mentioned in her home update, this truly wouldn't be possible without our friends at They have soooo many pieces that run the gamut of all styles! Who would've thought that I would find so many beautiful mid-century modern pieces?! They are the centerpieces of my living room, and I'm thoroughly pleased with them!

My goal was to use all wood (specifically walnut-finished) furniture. I wanted to rid the space of all black and white furniture and replace it with beautiful wood pieces. I'm so happy with this choice! It makes the room feel rich and more permanent...if that makes sense? 

I'm probably going to word-vomit a bit in the post, describing how I came to each decorative decision, so feel free to skip over and just looks at the pics! ;) *I will link the bigger pieces at the end, but PLEASE feel free to ask where any other item is from, and I'll share!*

Enough talkie-talk - lemme show you!

I don't have many "before" pics - but lemme just say, we had NOTHING. I literally started from scratch. There was this old yucky couch, a black coffee table, and two white end tables. No TV, nothing on the walls, just a bare rectangle of a living room. 


Going from this ^ to this was no easy task. I started with this beautiful, light grey sectional from JoyBird. I knew I wanted to keep the space light in color, so this was the perfect fit! Super comfy, lots of room for sitting, and easy to decorate around. Love it so much!


I think the coffee table is my favorite piece in the room. And the end table added the perfect touch! Deciding to keep the wood tones all walnut made it easy to match pieces together!


Having a desk was a new concept for me. I had a whole wall that I wasn't sure what to do with. So as I was mindlessly scrolling through Overstock, I came across this desk and chair and was set on it. Working at a desk as opposed to the couch has HONESTLY made a huge difference in my work process! I'm more focused and it's truthfully more comfortable to type this way. Hahaha. 

Finding the perfect bookcase was actually harder for me. I didn't have room for a huge horizontal case, and I still wanted it to have the same vintage feel as the rest of the pieces. I found this one at Walmart...and I was shocked. I love how this wall came together! 





I've never had a huge, live plant in my house before, and I was scared too since they're expensive and often die. So I looked up what plants are low-maintenance and pretty, and got this one! I water it maayyybbeee once a week, and it's grown substantially since February! #blessed

I've always wanted a circle bar cart. Decorating it was so fun. If you can't tell, I've honestly had the time of my life decorating my apartment. Haha! Adding it to my list of hobbies. I also never want to leave the house because I love looking at everything. Does anyone else to that?? No? Just me...? *shrugs and sinks back into the couch...* 

Oh, yeah...the bar cart.

I'm noticing that every time I start describing a new section of the living room, I find myself wanting to start with, "This section is my favorite." But this is probably the one I look at the most, since the TV is there. :P This TV console is the first piece of wooden furniture I bought for the space, and as soon as it was assembled, I started ravaging the house for all of the little trinkets I had collected for years to decorate my future living room with. I basically filled the entire thing in 5 minutes, only adding a few things here and there over time. My fave things in this case are the golden hand bookends. *heart eyes!* This one piece set the tone for how I was going to decorate the rest of the room. (And the TV that we had just bought magically fit perfectly on top. (We forgot to measure) #fate). 

The green accent chair adds a nice little pop of color in the perfect shade. It's also super comfy. *bonus points* It took me forever to find the perfect pillow situation for it, but I'm obsessed with what is going on there right now. I'll probably get tired of it eventually and change it, but it's pretty perfect for now! I found a DIY for the 3 mirrors on A Beautiful Mess. Love how they turned out!


This isn't the best guitar in the whole world, but it's pretty darn cute, and needed to go on my wall. I LOVE my sheer pink linen curtains, and I love the little gold hand that holds them back even more!!





This cute little scalloped table is just so dang cute, I couldn't pass it up! I love having mismatched end tables. For some reason, it just represents me - I couldn't decide, so I just got both! *shrugs*


And there ya have it! I am super proud of this room. I've basically neglected the rest of the apartment to get this room right. Ha! That being to start on the bedroom! Thanks for reading!!


Love & Nesting


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