Girl's Night in with barkTHINS!

*This post was sponsored by barkTHINS, but all opinions are our own* 


We know we've said it a lot lately, but this has been such a crazy season of life for both of us! Lots of travel, working on some new things, exploring new areas of our lives. I guess that's growing up, huh? ;) So, most of the times we've seen each other lately, it's been for work. Either an event or brainstorming new content, or editing a shoot. And we are two girls who need our chill time. I think we're both 50/50 extroverted/introverted. Haha! And when we first became friends, girl's night for just the two of us was a staple. We'd pick out a rom-com, grab some wine, and make a plate of our fave snacks! The perfect recipe for a classic GNI (gal's night in). We recently had ONE mutual free night, right before Jenna left town again, and jumped on it! And luckily for us, we had one of our favorite snacks that we always keep on hand, barkTHINS, because is it even a girl's night if you don't have chocolate?!


Since this bestie night was kind of impromptu, we didn't really have time to make much for it. Both of us love to be in the kitchen and love to plan a party menu, even if it's just for the two of us. So, we kind of left it up to barkTHINS to provide our tasting palette. We based our snack foods around one of our favorite flavors, Dark Chocolate Almond

We decided on a deep red wine blend, some fresh berries, some strawberry thumbprint cookies, marshmallow fluff dip (which is marshmallow creme and's a Southern thing), and some crackers with brie cheese (the only cheese we'll make an exception for, cause we don't eat cheese, but like, brie is on another level). 


Like we said, we kind of based all these flavors you can taste in this Dark Chocolate flavor of our barkTHINS, and all our snacks complimented each other (and our wine) perfectly! We popped on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and forgot about the 2,000 other things we should've been doing and just chilled and caught up on life with each other. 

We're thinking this "using our snacking chocolate to be the foundation of our menu" thing might become a regular thing for us. Ha! ;) Lucky for us, we usually buy our barkTHINS in bulk, so we have plenty of choices for our next girl's night. 

What's your favorite way to spend a night in with your bestie? Always up for suggestions!

Love & Chocolate, 

J & C