Cort's Living Room Update


Hi! Cort here, obviously! 

Man, this is an exciting post for me! As y'all know, Jenna and I both got settled into new spaces at the beginning of this year and have been in the process of giving them a Whimsy makeover since then. This is our first time TRULY investing a lot of time and energy into our spaces. Before moving to CA, Ty and I moved once a year. I think this apartment is our 6th one in 7 years, and we're planning to be here for a while. I've always loved home design and I definitely have a specific taste, but never saw the point if we were just going to up and leave at the end of a lease. But when we saw this apartment, both of us immediately saw potential. And we've been working to make it our own for 6 months now. We're kind of taking it room by room, so it's not too overwhelming, and our living room is up first! 

First off, I'll start by saying, this living room makeover wouldn't have been possible without Overstock! Both Jenna and I have been shopping on Overstock for YEARS, and we partnered with them to bring in some key staple pieces for our spaces! I'd say my style is a mix of a few things: whimsical (duh), bohemian, with a touch of mid-century modern, and I think the pieces I got from Overstock reflect that combo perfectly! 

The first piece that I'm in LOVE with is this Simple Living Maui Sideboard!


And the second piece was one that I had my eye on for such a long time! This HomeTrends orb 5-light arch floor lamp just makes me happy whenever I look at it! I had been on the hunt for one, but also didn't want to pay like, $700, and when I found this one on Overstock, I was immediately sold! 


We spend a lot of time in our living room. Listening to records, watching movies, hosting guests. Plus Ty and I both work a lot from home, so this also doubles as an office for us, and we wanted it to have a bright and upbeat energy! And I'm a firm believer that just a few really good pieces can make all the difference and it truly doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Cause believe me, we're not rich. This renovation we're putting together for you guys is made for a 20-something year old renting an apartment (aka just like us)! 

So! Now for some before/after shots! ;)




Lots more plants, pops of color, little knick knacks, and painting the brick around the fireplace white. Still trying to find something do to on the black part of the fireplace. It is functioning, so I'm afraid to paint it, cause it gets so hot! Any suggestions are welcome! 

Ty and I love to keep a stocked bar cart for hosting. Jenna actually made this bar cart for me a few Christmases ago and I still love it so much! 




Added the new Overstock sideboard (more size appropriate for the space), a new, taller Overstock lamp to make the ceilings look taller, objects of different shapes and height to add dimension, and bright curtains to add a pop of color to a previously, mostly white corner! 




Again, I'm learning dimension and clean lines are key in making a space look...not cluttered. Neat stacks of books. Not cramming a shelf full. Giving everything space. I love open shelving with everything in me, but it also becomes easy for me to just toss stuff on. Having these shelves on display in the main room in our home has been a challenge to keep my things neat. ;) 





This is insanely satisfying. Ha! 



This was the day we moved in and I just remember thinking of all the projects I wanted to do and stressing out because SURELY they'd never get done! And it feels so good to have one nearly completed! 


I've known for years that I wanted a colorful couch, but again, didn't want to commit to one until I knew it would be living in our space for a while! And once I saw the Hughes Sectional from Joybird, it was over. I was done. And we all love it! Sidenote: Joybird's furniture is actually REALLY comfortable. I've sat on plenty of pretty couches that aren't comfy in the least, but it's not the case with them! Comfortable and cute! And we created a gallery wall with some of our favorite prints, and I'm only slightly worried about the next time we have a sizable earthquake...We also used to have a more square, chunky coffee table, and we switched it out for a (fake) marble one with a much more sleek look, and I definitely feel like it opens the room up more! Also this big statement rug helps divide our "couch area" from the "record area" or the kitchen, and just kind of gives us a feeling like we're in a separate room. I mentioned before, this isn't a huge space. Definitely comfortable for us, but we've learned to kind of section and create space with our furniture and layout!

And that's basically it on our living room...for now at least! Definitely still tweaking things here and there, but we're really happy with the way this room turned out! 



Sideboard: Overstock (linked above), Gold 5-arch lamp: Overstock (linked above),  Bar Cart: DIY, Couch: Joybird, Coffee table: Houzz


Curtains: Target, Record player: Urban Outfitters (they're sold out in the pink color, but it's a solid record player!), Pink candle holder: Target, Aqua Mirror: Flea Market, Flamingo Hand Towel: Paper Source (a few years ago), Paris print above fireplace: iCanvas, Brunch Lady Tray: Bonjour Fete, Poodle Planter: Bonjour Fete, Wicker basket with tassels: Bonjour Fete, Rug- RUGS USA (I think the exact one might be sold out, but this one is very similar!)


As always, if you have questions about anything, feel free to ask! :)