Organizing Our Summer with Caboodles!

* This post was sponsored by Caboodles, but all opinions are our own.* 

Summer is here and we couldn't be more stoked! Most LA locals hate the heat, but we live for the sunshine. Summer is when we became friends 3 years ago. It's full of trying new coffee shops, racing each other in the pool (because yes, we're competitive 12 year olds), weekend trips to Palm Springs, and late nights talking. 

Also, now that A Whimsy Wonderland is a job for us, our past couple of summers have involved a lot of traveling, which in turn, can kind of turn our usually-organized-selves upside down. When we travel for photo shoots, we have to travel with a lot of beauty products, and we've had many a lost lipstick or bobby pins spilling out all over our suitcases. And when you're working with a specific timeline, you don't always have the extra five minutes to find that color-coordinating-scrunchie that you SWEAR you packed! So, we were in need of a better system. Cue Caboodles! :) 

Our Caboodles have the most nifty individual compartments to carry every little item we need to perfect our looks for our shoots! Nail polish, earrings, lip balm, and alllll the hair accessories! A look into the life of the Whimsy gals. Ha! 

We just function better with organization. And one of Caboodles' mottos is "You're WORTH organizing!" Which is something we all have to come to accept! And we're sure our clients are more impressed when we open up our well-organized carrying case and pick out exactly what we were looking for vs sitting on the ground digging around in a backpack for our matching sunglasses. ;) Tbh the reason we love them most is that they make our 90's baby hearts SO incredibly happy! 


So, get organized, y'all! Trust us, it feels so good! 

What do you keep in your Caboodle?!


Jen & Cort