Cafe Flora & Mansur Gavriel

Okay, I'm sure quite a few of you have seen photos of this glorious space floating around on Instagram/Pinterest/your dreams. 

Us too. We saw a few shots of this space on Pinterest, not knowing at all what it was, if it was even in L.A., or if we were allowed in, but we knew we HAD to find it! 

We found out through intense Instagram searching that this magical little tucked away gem was in fact in L.A. and not far from us! Aside from being design heaven, Mansur Gavriel is an Italian brand that specializes in handmade bags and shoes. And HOLY GORGEOUS! Also, it's a women-founded company! Woop woop! 

Like we said, this beautiful space is tucked away on Melrose and you can ALMOST miss it, which makes it that much cooler. From two girls who worked in merch & retail for a long time, we were just in awe of the way they really maximized the space. Also, if this wasn't enough, attached to the shop is the most beautiful little cafe, called Cafe Flora, and we had some of the best avocado toast we've ever eaten (and we've eaten a LOT of avocado toast). Also, english scones with homemade hazelnut butter. Yes and yes. 

love & scones,

C & J