Los Angeles Staycation with Hotel Covell

One of the things we love most about living in Los Angeles is the fact that every area feels a bit different. It's so big and so spread out that it really feels like 5 cities in one, and every area has its own unique vibe. 

Cort writing to you here, btw. Every year, Ty and I like to have a little getaway for our anniversary. Last year it was San Fran, the year before that Santa Barbara, and so on and so forth. But, this year, with all the travel we've had so far and all the travel we have scheduled in the upcoming months (we see you, Italy!), we decided to do a little staycation instead. Just a night away from home full of meandering around at our own pace. And Hotel Covell was the PERFECT place to have it! 


We discovered this quaint boutique hotel a few months ago. Tucked away on one of the cutest streets in Los Feliz, it's charm drew us in immediately and we knew we wanted to stay here at some point! 

The suite we stayed in had its own private entrance and the layout of the room really gave it an NYC loft kind of vibe (which if you know us, you know how much we love NYC, so we were in heaven). It was bright, airy, and had a great view. It was also located just over McConnell's ice cream, which happens to be our fave ice cream in L.A. 

The hotel staff greeted us with a bottle of wine, and so much kindness as they showed us around the property! We couldn't get over the vintagey, urban feel of it all. It really did feel like we were WAY farther than 7 miles from home. ;) 


Like I said, for this little "staycation", we really wanted to keep it as chill as possible. After we checked in to the hotel, we walked around and did some thrifting, came back and got ready to go out, went to a Tiki bar we'd never been to before (Tiki Ti and you all should go, like now), and then walked to ramen for dinner (Silverlake Ramen, and it's the best ramen in L.A., I swear). 

The next morning, we had breakfast and coffee on the hotel's rooftop space, which is the CUTEST. And just kind of quiet and away from everything. 

Sometimes 24 hours away can do you a world of good, and when you have places like this in your city, take advantage of them! We'll definitely be back! 

Click here to book your stay and let em know we recommended ya! You won't regret it, promise!