Exploring Huntington Botanical Gardens

As magical as Los Angeles is, we all need a day away from the buzz of living in the middle of it every once in a while, right? 

Y'all know ya girls love spending a day roaming around, in and out of cafes, taking photos in front of all the walls, and walking until our feet hurt. But it's also nice to kinda break the chain every once in a while too. Go somewhere you normally wouldn't. Go somewhere just to see it. I mean, of course we're GOING to take photos, but not because we have to. Because it's somewhere new and we want to. We visited Huntington Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks ago (just outside of Pasadena), and it was just so beautiful. We had planned for a different shoot that day, and the weather wasn't cooperating, and we couldn't get inspired to save our lives as to what to shoot. And then we thought of this place. Jenna had mentioned it a while back, but we hadn't had a full day available to just go and explore, so we kept putting it off. Isn't that how it always goes? ;) Sometimes it's literally just saying "f*** it" and making the time, instead of having it at your leisure. 

This has been a crazy season of life for the both of us. Lots of work (together, and separate, because we both do a lot of different things), and travel, and events have all kept us crazy busy. And we're not the kind of people who like to glorify being busy every second of every day. Sure, we are SO thankful we are able to make a living doing things we really love, but don't we all spread ourselves too thin sometimes? Sometimes out of necessity (because money is necessary...just real talk, y'all), and sometimes because it's just an opportunity we don't want to miss out on. Long story short, we haven't been able to see each other or have our "bff time" as much lately, so a visit to these gardens, just walking around, taking photos as we please, was the perfect way to kind of play hookey for the day. It honestly reminded us of  some of the gardens we walked around in France, and just made our hearts really happy. 

P.S. they also have a tea room at this place that does a traditional English Tea Service. You have to have reservations so we didn't get to indulge but we 1000% percent plan on going back for it! 


Sending y'all love! 

C & J