Love You A Brunch Friendsgiving with Cupcake Vineyards!

This post is sponsored by Cupcake Wine, however, all opinions are our own.

The Friendsgiving season is upon us, y’all! And we couldn’t be more excited about it! Y’all know ya girls love Christmas, but if you ask us, we’d tell ya that Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving is right at the top of the list too. There’s just simply no Thanksgiving music, so we will celebrate Thanksgiving, singing Christmas carols all the while. ;)

Although living in L.A. means that everyone leaves on holidays, so we always have to celebrate with our friends a bit early! And hosting Friendsgiving has become one of our favorite traditions since living on the West Coast. This year we partnered up with Cupcake Vineyards to host a colorful, girly Friendsgiving brunch with all of our best ladies before we go our separate ways for the holidays. And we’re here to share how we did it!

First, we chose our color palette. Duh, it’s gonna be colorful, but instead of our normal pastel vibe, we decided to make it a bit more autumn-ish and go with some jewel tones!

We picked our dishes, glassware, flowers, outfits, and even some of the accent colors in the food we wanted to serve based on this palette! It was a small, intimate gathering, but we wanted to make it special, and we have a really hard time doing something if we’re not fully committed!

Now for the menu!

Brunch is definitely our favorite meal (and everyone else’s in L.A.), so deciding this menu was so much fun for us! We like to mix a little sweet and a little savory!

First for the cocktails!

We decided on a classic mimosa, with orange juice and Cupcake’s delish Prosecco & a Rosé Strawberry Lemonade made with our favorite Cupcake Sparkling Rosé!

Now, for the savory!

We had been ITCHING for an opportunity to make a pretty cheese/veggie/fruit board (we would say charcuterie, but we’re not entirely sure if we can call it that if there was no meat on it! ha!). Anyway, this seemed like the perfect opportunity! And there’s usually something for everyone on those big boards!


And we did some mini breakfast quiches!

One was a ham & swiss & the other was a egg white with smoked applewood bacon!


Now, onto our favorite part, the sweets!

We knew immediately we didn’t want to do pie, since everyone would be having that at their Thanksgiving dinners anyway! We wanted to keep it brunchy and on the lighter side!

So, first up were mini Belgian waffles! Cort particularly has an affinity for waffles, so she was obviously enthusiastic about this decision!

We also recently discovered the magic done by the girls over at Josephine and they put together the most beautiful Fresh Berry Pavlova and Swirled Rochés for us and our tummies were in HEAVEN!

Now, we celebrate!

A good brunch starts with a great cocktail, and Cupcake is always our go-to for that!

Happy Friendsgiving!


J & C

All images by Mary Costa Photography