A Whimsy Halloween- Lucy & Ethel

Y’all didn’t think we could let this season pass without giving you a Halloween costume, did ya?! This is our 3rd year of showing our Halloween costumes on Whimsy!

Two years ago we were bloggers. Lol.

And last year, we were 2 Broke Girls (we used to get mistaken for these actresses ALL THE TIME…not so much now since we changed our hairstyles.) ;)

But this year might be our favorite yet.

We both grew up being big fans of I Love Lucy. Ya catch where I’m going?

Say hello to our version of Lucy & Ethel.

Specifically Lucy & Ethel from the “Job Switching” episode where they work at the candy factory!

These looks were super fun and SO easy to recreate in our own way! And don’t be surprised if you see us wearing these dresses irl.

Probably the best part of this day was having to stop for gas before going to shoot and getting out of the car with a giant pink chef’s hat. Anything for the gram, am I right?

We even tested how many chocolates we could fit into our mouths. Not the best idea we’ve ever had. ;)

What are you guys going as for Halloween?!

Love & Lucy,

J & C