Rainbows & Rooftops at Mama Shelter!

It’s no secret by now that we live for a good happy hour. And in L.A., there is definitely a plethora of choices.

But like, happy hour on a rainbow colored rooftop? A little harder to find. ;)


Hence why Mama Shelter, a colorful oasis nestled in Hollywood, has become one of our favorite spots since moving here. And for good reason!

We first met our friend Cyn of Hot Pink Pineapples here for a drink. We celebrated Jenna’s 24th birthday here. We bring every out of town guest here for the rose sangria. We’ve gone to quite a few PR events here as well, and it impresses us every single time!

And you know if there’s rainbow decor, we are OBVIOUSLY going to dress to the occasion and match each other whenever possible!

Recently got these rainbow striped pieces from Hello Holiday. Jenna chose the Wonderland Romper (I mean, how perfect for us, right?) paired with some ruffle mules from Ouigal, and Cort chose the Rosella Blouse and paired it with some orange ASOS shorts, and orange mules, also from Hello Holiday!


We also never realize how much our skin tones differ from each other until we’re sitting together, bare legged, in a photo. haha!

Anyway, we’re currently obsessed with these pieces and you might see us wearing them as much as possible before it actually turns into fall here.

Back to Mama Shelter. It is also a really quirky weird hotel, which we love! We’ve never actually stayed in a room there, but it’s on our list.

There’s a bit fancier of a restaurant downstairs, but honestly, you come here for that rooftop view and vibey atmosphere!

What you MUST order:

  1. The Avocado Hummus

  2. Boujie Fries (fries battered in truffle oil…almost a sin, so good)

  3. Charred Broccolini

  4. Rose Sangria (all day everyday)

Trust us, next time you’re in L.A., hit up this spot. And invite us too. ;)

Love & Sangria,

J & C