2018 Thoughts and Resolutions


2018! What's good?!

By the way, when did we officially make the switch from saying "two thousand and ten" to "twenty-ten?" Or do people even still say "two thousand eighteen?" ...anyways. Time for a yearly check in on what our goals are for the year! And also to compare to our last year's post to see where we stand with those and if we achieved ours goals...dun dun duuuunnn.

Cortney's thoughts:

Hi, guys! 

Soooooo, a new year. I feel like I'm always half excited and half very anxious for a new year to start. We talked a bit about this in our "resolution" post last year -- setting society influenced goals for ourselves based on our age (own a home, have a baby, join a country club...okay, just kidding on that last one) ;). And how that can be really overwhelming. We want our goals to be more personal to each of us, and not something we only kick ourselves for not achieving at the end of the year. Which can be difficult for me, because I have a habit of comparing myself to others. I guess I could even make that a goal, huh? Not to look around for things/people to compare myself to, and be more comfortable in my own skin. Again, it's really really easy to appear super confident on a phone/computer screen, but both Jenna and I want to remain honest with any and everyone who follows us, and it's definitely not all confidence. But going off of that, I also believe that being a part of this crazy awesome community has provided us with the opportunity to surround ourselves with some of the most beautifully honest people we've ever met and help us become more sure of who we are and who we want to be. 

So, officially into the goals here. 

I'll start with the easiest one. Cook more. I love cooking. It brings me so much joy, but it's not something I always make a lot of time for. Not that Ty and I eat out a ton. But I've learned a few good recipes that we really like, and they've become more routine. Easy. You know, like when you're driving somewhere and you have no idea how you got there because you know the routine so well in your head. So, going out of my comfort zone in this way and finding recipes that take a little more time and challenge me a bit. Shooting recipes for the blog is also one of my favorite things to do, and that can fall right into this goal. And I just bought A Beautiful Mess' new cookbook, Weekday Weekend, so perfect time to get started, right?

Second, give a genuine compliment to someone everyday. This one is pretty simple and doesn't have a deep explanation behind it. But there are so many times where I pass someone and love what they're wearing, or where I think my friends look really pretty, or my husband looks like a total hottie or does something really nice for me, and I say something in my head, but don't say it out loud. And when a stranger on the street tells me they like my dress, or one of my friends tell me "thank you" for doing something, or my husband tells me he's happy to be my husband, it literally can make my entire day. And I want to do that for other people! 

Third. This one's a little more casual. Broaden my workout practice. I love hiking, yoga, soul cycle, zumba. But besides hiking, I mostly just work out at home (thankful for YouTube here!). Which is more than fine. But one of the reasons for this is because of that Comparison guy again. ;) I want to keep challenging myself in this area too. Broaden my practices. And what better way to do that than to take classes from instructors who can help me? Who cares if I can't hold a handstand as long as everyone else? Like Jenna's gonna say below (spoiler!), doing things that make me happy. *dabs* 

Next, I want to take more pride and intention in decorating my home. Ty and I are about to move in just a couple of weeks. Still in the Valley (Studio City, to be exact), just to a little bigger of a space. And I've decorated the place we're in now (where we've lived since we've been in LA), but haven't put my entire self into it, because my excuse is always "well, we're going to move again, so what's the point?" And that's where so many of you lovelies we've met through blogging and social media come in! So many of you are renters just like us and your home decor just KILLS it. One example is our girl Krys of Melodrama. The point is it brings you joy and helps you feel more at home in whatever space you're in, no matter how long you're there. And I want to be more open with sharing our home on the blog too, and I'd definitely be more comfortable doing that if I felt like it 100% reflected who Ty and I are, and a new place at the beginning of a new year is a perfect way to start! 

Okay, last one (for now). ;) 

Which I feel like this one is kind of all encompassing. I just want to be more intentional. With my actions, words, routines, the blog, friendships (or any kind of relationship), marriage, etc. I don't want to just let things happen or just do my routines that I'm super comfortable with because they're just that. Routines. I want to make things happen versus let them happen to me. Whenever I think about this goal, I always remember this quote I found when Ty and I had just flown back to Nashville to pack up the rest of our stuff after signing the lease for our first apartment in L.A.

It's from @thenewgirlinnashville- "Comfort zones suddenly seem like cages. Safe, secure, and hollow. The areas outside of them? Dance floors." 

So thankful for every single one of you reading this post. <3


Jenna taking over. The beginning of the year is always humbling for me. It's the time of year where you check in with yourself and see if you're meeting previous goals you've set. There's usually a couple that you can cross off your list and say you've achieved. Then there's the ones that you've yet to accomplish and you struggle not to kick yourself too hard for that....kinda how I felt about reading my resolutions from last year. I feel like I'm in the middle of a period of change in my life and I'm struggling to find my true north. My goals for this year are little less tangible and a little more personal. I've worked hard for many years to find myself and my happiness, and I don't want to lose that.

This year I want to do one small thing everyday that I know makes me happy. Making a little more effort with my meals and feeling proud of what I cook. Coloring a little bit in a coloring book. Playing my instruments more. Hiking. Small things that can improve my days and overall mood.

I want to attend more events around Los Angeles. I feel like sometimes I take advantage of the wonderful city I live in. There are so many things to do every single night that can be so easily overlooked. Concerts, movies in random venues, gallery openings...you name it! But they often turn into things that I'll do "tomorrow" or "someday." I want to get out and REALLY experience all that this city has to offer.

On top of taking more dance classes, I want to exercise more. Not just for weight reasons, but for quality of life. I feel so energized and accomplished when I start my day with a quick run, hike, or workout. Then I usually make better choices for myself throughout the day!

Gonna add in one that I didn't do from last year here...I want to take more videos of myself dancing and singing and actually post them. It's the most terrifying thing in the world, but I think if I just start doing it often, I'll be less scared to post them. Feel free to keep me accountable!

And lastly, I want to be better in my friendships. I have the friends I do because they usually carry the friendship. By that I mean they text first, make plans, and keep up with me. I want to make my friends aware of how much they mean to me by spending time on/with them. I also think that if I implement the other things I've mentioned above, I'll be more inclined to make more of an effort with the people in my life. Going through a period of change and evaluation can take a toll on your mood and motivation. I am working on finding my center again so that I can put my all into my interactions.


I am so grateful for the space to be real and share with you where I'm honestly at in life. Thank you for being here for me and allowing me to be vulnerable.

We genuinely hope that your New Year is off to a refreshing and positive start! Thank you again for all of your support for us here...we love you to bits!!



Jen & Cort