Fresh Find: Commissary at The Line Hotel


Y'all know that one of our favorite things to do is explore Los Angeles. And by "explore," I mean, practically eat our way through the city. Commissary has been on our list of places to go to for quite some time, and we FINALLY made it there. It's part of The Line Hotel, and it's basically a greenhouse of plants and magic. I felt like I was back at the Rainforest Cafe, except 12 years older with a little better taste. (But, not dissin' the Rainforest Cafe...10/10 would still go today).


We spent a good 15 minutes taking pictures and gawking at how pretty it was before taking our seats at a table...but the staff was cool with it. Cort got oatmeal with fruit and I got a breakfast sammie, that had eggs, cheese, and mayo. Now...gonna be 100% honest and say that I think I picked the wrong thing to order...but not mad, because we just went for the scenery, tbh. #noshame The coffee was delicious, though, and my almond milk came in this little cute cat container. ;)

Also...there's a super cool mural outside that you can't NOT take pics in front we did that too.

Want some super cute photo ops?? Def check out Commissary at the Line Hotel!

Love & Plants

Jen & Cort