Growing with Love with Flow Magazine

*This post was sponsored by Workman Publishing, but all opinions are our own*

I mean, couldn't we all use a little more love?


With Valentine's day around the corner, it's something that's on our minds, at least. You see it marketed all around you, and in a world that seems to stem so much unnecessary hate, we find ourselves wondering how we can spread a bit more positivity, light, and love. 

A while back, we began this partnership with Flow Magazine to promote their first book, "A Book that Takes its Time." And while we only take partnerships in which we truly believe in the brand and product we're promoting, we had no idea how much this book would come into play in our everyday lives. This first book of theirs focuses on slowing down, not letting a day pass without appreciating it, and not always asking "what's next?" Rushing/multi-tasking/taking minutes, hours, and days for granted is something we're both guilty of (and I'm sure we're not the only ones), and this book was full of activities, exercises, and reminders to take a deep breath, and live in the "here and now." You can read our full post on this first book here

Howevver, "A Book that Takes its Time," was the first of a new series, and here we are now, in a new year, with new goals, working on our second project with Flow Magazine. The second book in this series is called "Everything Grows with Love," and there just couldn't be a more accurate title. As we've said before, Flow is a magazine that celebrates creativity, imperfection, and the little things in life- a mantra we're trying to take more from this year, and they've entered into this partnership with Workman Publishing to produce, publish, and distribute a range of books and calendars that embody these same characteristics.  

This little book (it really is super little and cute), is full of musings and thoughts on love. And not just romantic love. Friendship, self-love, love for your pets, love of a place, anything. The word "love" encompasses so much more than just romance, as we often limit it to, and that's what this book is really about. Sometimes you just need some inspiration to go along with your morning coffee. We'll share a few favorite snippets we've found in this little gem. 


Cort first! I have two favorites that have really stuck out to me over the last couple of months of flipping through this book. 


The first one is: "Treat anything you do as if you're creating a piece of art." This one just really hits my soul, and kind of lines up with one of my 2018 goals to be more intentional in everything I do. Cooking, yoga, walking my dog, designing my new home, planning a date night with my husband. Things that can be treated as mundane, or something I say "What does it matter how I do it, as long as it gets done?" about, I've been consciously trying to set more intention into. Enjoy the process of doing something, not just the end result, and seeing the beauty in it too. :)

The second one is: "There is a lot of beauty in ordinary things." This was already one of my favorite quotes, and it kind of goes along with the first one I listed above! Pam Halpert says this quote in the series finale of The Office, followed by, "Isn't that kind of the point?". And it's always just stuck with me. So many of us are tricked into thinking we just live this ordinary existence and fail to see that the "ordinary" has so much "extraordinary" to it. 


Okay, Jenna's turn! 

This book is chock-full of delightful sayings and quotes that have been such an encouraging source of inspiration and motivation during this transitional time in my life. Some days it seems like my plate is too full and my dreams are too big. It all can feel overwhelming at times, and I need to remember what grounds me each day. I've started removing the little pages of this book and hanging them in different places around my apartment. Not only are these little love notes encouraging, but they're super cute and totally go with the warm and happy vibe I want to have in my home. :)


One quote that I've found recurring in my life is "Choose Happiness." I know it's very simple, and seems non-important. But happiness is indeed a choice. A choice I have to make everyday. Some days, it doesn't seem like a choice I have to make, because it comes easily. But some days, I just don't want to make the choice. Sometimes, I find myself bogged down and wallowing in my own stress and problems. But I have worked very hard in my almost 25 years to find my happy, and I really love and strive to be a happy person. When I see little notes of encouragement or remember happy moments, it helps brighten my mood and bring my happy back.

Another one that hit home for me is "All the Flowers of Tomorrow are in the Seeds of Today." While our goals can seems lofty and out of reach, you and I will NEVER attain them if we don't try. It's the little things we do each and everyday that build our goals and dreams. If we can do just ONE thing everyday, our goals will seem closer and more attainable sooner than we think!


We've both set intentions to share more love with those around us and ourselves this year (that matters so much too, y'all!) in the way of sharing compliments with strangers, taking time for self-care and pampering, and vocalizing how much we appreciate the people in our lives (including all you guys reading this right now- we appreciate YOU!). And we'd love to know if this is a goal of yours, and how you plan to share your love & light with those around you! 


You can find this book at most major bookstores. We'll link to a copy here. Keep it in mind for when you or someone you know is needing a little extra love. :)


Love & Light

Jen & Cort