Fresh Find: Hot Hot Food

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Okay, so if you know us, you know how much we love to eat. Slowly but surely eating our way around Los Angeles (and the world) is obvs the ultimate goal, and we like to think in our time living here, we've made a pretty good dent in the food-o-sphere. L.A. has given us things that we've loved, like butternut squash quesadillas, matcha donuts, and truffle...truffle anything really. And things that we've...not loved...and honestly, the only thing that comes to mind right now is oysters in that department. Or anything too spicy cause we're babies when it comes to that, as I'm sure we've said before. 

EITHER WAY. When a new restaurant opens up in one of the trendiest (too trendy for us, definitely) spots in L.A. and invites us to come try it out, you best believe ya girls jump at that chance, because good or bad (spoiler alert: it was good), it's something new and reminds us that we live in the coolest city in the world. :)

Cue Hot Hot Food. They just opened in Silverlake not too long ago, and we got to go on a foodie adventure (our fave kind) and try out some fun dishes! 

First of all, we pull up to this restaurant and it's pink and teal on the outside and all sorts of wonderful vintagey goodness on the inside. Squeals on squeals of joy. 

I mean, can we even talk about those colors? No, we can't. They're too good. And free popcorn? We hadn't even eaten yet and we're already won over 100%. 

Second, we'll go to the menu. How we even decided on what we should try is still beyond us cause holy choices. Not even sure how I'd describe the food here. Spanish/Asian fusion with some comfort food flair thrown in. It doesn't really have a specific genre, which we liked a lot. Something for everyone! 

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Peep that *not salad* section. We love a good witty menu. But also, as both of us live a 90% vegan (Jenna) and Pescatarian & Non-dairy (Cortney) lifestyle...and by 90% we mean we definitely ate cheese in Paris cause Paris and sometimes we want donuts...*shrugs*..but I digress. We appreciate a menu with non-meat/non-dairy alternatives and this one definitely gave it to us! 

All their milkshakes are vegan. Jenna chose the banana one and OH MANNNN was it good. Like slap your knee good. We definitely plan on trying every flavor. Cort got the Laura Palmer. And if you watched our stories the day we visited, you know that we thought Laura Palmer was maybe Arnold Palmer's wife until we were informed by so many of you that she's actually a character on Twin Peaks. Either way, this slushy version of her was delish and v refreshing! ;)

So, as we're in sip sip heaven here, we decide on our food (with some much needed help from the manager)! 

For Cort: The General Tso Fu- Tempura tofu fried rice with veggies and an egg on top. 

For Jen: The Avocado Toast-ada- basically avocado toast on a blue corn tortilla and v L.A.

And the Big Papa potato cakes to share. It was seriously one of the most delicious meals we've had in L.A. to date. We'll definitely be taking our boys back for a date night pretty soon. 

P.S. they also have La Croix on the menu so you know this place is as hip as it comes. Do the kids still say hip?

Love & hot hot food,


J & C