Girly Garb: Confidence in Color

If you've been following us for very long, you'll notice our style has changed a little. We both used to be a lot more cautious and safe when it came to our wardrobe, even though we admired those who dressed bold and bright! It wasn't until we became real life friends with some of our insta-inspirations, (looking at you Cyn (@hotpinkpineapples), Lizzie (@lizzie_darden), and Les (@splendid_rags)!!), that we gained a little more confidence in our style and in ourselves! We gradually cleaned out the dull in our closets and started replacing those items with garments that made us TRULY happy and excited to wear! (Cue the new ASOS addiction...). Dressing bolder has been actually SO fun! We look forward to what new quirky combinations we can make, and how many items of the same color we can wear. We've learned that you have fewer bad days if you're stoked on your outfit. Do we get a lot of looks from passersby, wondering what the hell we're wearing? 100%. But, does it bring a smile to their face? Absolutely. #worthit

Jenna's wearing: tank from Top Shop, shoes from DSW, skirt from Party Skirts, hat from Forever 21, sunnies, from Free People, necklace from Belize
Cort's wearing: Top from Target, shoes from DSW, Skirt from Party Skirts, necklace from Lollipops and More, scarf is vintage from the Melrose Flea Market

Sending y'all confidence and encouragement to wear what you ACTUALLY always wanted to!


Peace & Color


Jen & Cort