Weekend Getaway to San Francisco!

Quick weekend getaways are a favorite around our household! Ty and I both work a ton, and a lot of the time, it's different hours. We don't really mind it, or even realize it sometimes, because we both like to stay busy...and it's just always how our lives have been. Running this way and that. We don't sit still very often. ;) But then an opportunity for a vacation or a little trip comes along and we get there and realize how badly we needed time to just be. Explore with no agenda. Brunch for as long as we wanted. Sleep in til 10...literally that NEVER happens for us...mostly because we're morning people. ;)

Anyway, we both turned 25 last month, and for Ty's birthday, I decided I wanted to surprise him with a trip to a place neither of us had been. And it was just the most perfect weekend! 

p.s. this post is basically going to be me telling you where you should eat. Really and truly, our favorite thing when we go out of town is finding new bars and restaurants. *shrugs shoulders* I'm not mad about it. 

We flew in on a Friday morning (btw, such an easy & cheap flight from LA), and checked into Hotel Triton for the weekend! I had been researching hotels for a couple of months before booking, and I instantly knew Ty would love this one....and I mean, I was pretty smitten too. But the reason for choosing it was that I had seen that it had excerpts of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" in the wallpaper. I'd be lying if I said I had read anything by Jack Kerouac, but my hubs loves him! After deciding on it and looking into it more, I fell in love with the mid-century/boho vibe of the entire place! The hotel opened in 1913 and it just feels like it has a story, ya know? The staff was also incredible. Anything and everything we needed, at anytime. 10/10 would stay again. 

It's also located right in Union Square, which was perfect, because it was central to everything! We pretty much walked the entire time. 

 image via hoteltriton.com

image via hoteltriton.com

After checking in, we headed off to brunch. For those of you who haven't been to SF, it is the city that brunches. Like, if we wait 30 minutes for brunch in LA, it's a long time. And that's like, on a busy Sunday. In San Fran, on a Friday morning, we waited nearly an hour and a half! And the whole time I'm thinking, "this better be worth it." And ohhhhhh my gawd, was it ever. Our first place was this tiny adorable spot, Mama's on Washington Square

It's a teeny, family owned place, and the line wraps around the building and then you get inside and taste their food and it's like no bad thing has ever happened in the world. I got the most delish vegetable quiche and greens, and best believe I snuck some of Ty's potatoes. Also, they don't take credit cards, so come with your cash! 

After that, we walked around Fisherman's Wharf, explored a few different parts of the city, went back to our room to rest and get ready for dinner. We are both such big seafood lovers, so we knew we had to get some while we were here. And per the recommendation of so many of our Instagram followers, we chose Leo's Oyster Bar

GUYS IT'S SO CUTE! Palm leaf decor, the most perfect tiled floor, plants everywhere, and the perfect summer wine list. Y'all know my heart. Also, get the lobster roll. Just do it. You can send me a personal thank you note after you do. ;)

The next day we slept in, and of course had another place lined up for brunch. So many of y'all recommended Brenda's French Soul Food that we had to try it. Literally I've never gotten so many suggestions for one spot ever before. And again, you guys know what you're talking about cause it was SO good. 

I will say it's not in the best part of town, so unless you're super close, don't walk to it. And it's definitely another long wait, but I mean, all these locals don't wait around for no reason. They literally have a flight of beignets. Like here in LA, we have juice flights. I think I'd prefer a beignet flight any day of the week. Also, it's the one place in California I've been able to get fabulous sweet tea. We'll def be visiting again. 

After brunch on Saturday, we just took some time to explore the Mission & Castro districts, and also Haight Ashbury. San Fran is just full of the most gorgeous architecture ever, and it wasn't hot outside, so we really enjoyed just strolling around. There are also some killer murals and some really good vintage shopping! 

After exploring all day, we decided to go for drink's at one of SF's original restaurants, Tadich Grill. 

This place has been around since 1849. So crazy! One of the best moscow mules I've had in my life, and Ty swore by his gin and tonic as well. So we wound up staying for dinner. And their food was just as amazing as their cocktails! 

Before we left on Sunday, we decided we'd get one more brunch in. And I'm still debating if this brunch or the first one we had at Mama's was my favorite. We waited in line at this cute place called Zazie's on Sunday morning for about two hours...maybe slightly more. But at this point, neither of us were asking if it'd be worth it. We just knew that it would. This place was also tiny. I feel like there's a lot of French culture thrown into SF, cause a lot of their restaurants reminded me of cafe's we visited in Paris. 

This place served me my latte in a huge bowl...which is the way to immediately win me over, and also gave me the most AMAZE vegetarian eggs benedict I've ever had. And y'all. We had bread. pudding. pancakes. Should I repeat that? Bread. Pudding. Pancakes. I may have left my heart in that bowl of coffee....maybe it's not a competition which brunch was my favorite. ha! ;)

We explored a few more vintage shops, walked around Golden Gate Park a little, and then headed home feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed...and full of lots of delicious brunch.  :)

Here are a few more snaps from our stay! 

Love & Travel,