The Magic of San Pedro, Belize!

Shortly after getting home from Paris, I took off again...this time to San Pedro, Belize for my step-brother's wedding. I had zero expectations or plans for this trip other than hanging with my family and drinking tropical cocktails by the ocean. But when I got there, I was bombarded by color! WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?! It was the happiest surprise. I tried not to work while I was there, but it was impossible not to photograph all the AMAZING colors around me! It was humid and windy, but I didn't care one bit. (My bangs, on the other hand? They weren't so happy...). Everyone drives around on golf carts. Tourists, locals, literally everyone. While the island is probably approximately 60% don't lose the local flavor. Also, they take American dollars! The American dollar is half the value of Belizean dollars, so you just divide every price by two. Everyone is so nice there. (But I am also under the belief that most everyone is nice, so I never believe people when they say things like, "people in Paris are mean.") :P All this to say, I had SUCH a great time, and would love to go back!

I hope you enjoy my trip photos as much as I do. Then I hope you immediately book a ticket to go experience it for yourself. ;)

We also went SNORKELING! I had never been before. So, after having a mild panic attack while practicing, I got the hang of it. The water is SO CLEAR there! So we could see everything! I felt like I was in Finding Nemo. It was incredible. We saw a 100 year old year old sea turtle. Then we swam with SHARKS. LITERAL SHARKS. I mean, they were Nurse basically harmless. BUT THEY WERE STILL SHARKS. Also, San Pedro has the second largest barrier reef. The largest is in Australia. Who knew?!

Congrats to Seth and Kari on your unBELIZEable wedding! <3

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All photos taken on iPhone and edited with A Color Story