Quick, Easy, & Vegan Mini Chicken and Waffles!

Remember that time you got invited to a party and it says on the invite, "Everyone bring an appetizer!" but you don't read that sentence until two hours before the party and you're like, "Crap, all I have is what's in my freezer and I don't have time to go to the store and I think my friends will stop being my friends if I bring Twinkies to one more party."...? 

Yeah, that's never happened to me either. ;) BUT, if you're the captain of procrastination station, first of all, you're not alone, and second of all, this easy app is for you! AND it's vegan, which is basically a necessity here in Cali (and we're not hating, we're both vegan 90% of the time)!

So, you'll need: 

  • 1 bag Gardein Crispy Chicken Tenders (I get mine at Target)
  • 1 box mini frozen waffles (I always prefer cinnamon flavored)
  • A few strawberries, sliced
  • Syrup 
  • Skewers

Lemme just talk about these chicken tenders for a minute. I (Cort) randomly get SUCH hard cravings for chicken tenders...usually when I'm not feeling well. But I don't eat real chicken, but MAN, these taste EXACTLY the same. Even my husband agrees...and we're from the south, where chicken tenders are basically equivalent to manna from heaven, so promise...you can trust us. They're freakin' delicious. 

Bake the chicken as instructed on the bag. While the chicken is cooling, put your waffles in the oven. I think I baked mine at 375 for about 7 minutes on each side, but depending on how crispy you like em, you can kind of change this around! 

Let them cool, cut up the chicken tenders, slice up some strawberries, and place them on some cute skewers (ours are by our girl Amber at Dixie and Twine)! 

Bring some organic syrup with you, and you'll probably be crowned king/queen of the party, and no one has to know you didn't really "make" any of this. They're that addicting. :)


Happy snackin', loves!