Snip Snip! New hair at Mane Fixation in Studio City!

About once a year, we both get a mad craving for change...usually in the form of new hair! We've both been itching for these specific looks, so we decided to get our looks updated just before jet-setting to Paris!

This new salon opened recently on Ventura Blvd in Studio City called Mane Fixation. We're all about checking out new and cute spots, so off we went! It's got huge windows giving all that natural light goodness for your "after" selfies. This hot spot has exposed brick that gives it a New York industrial feel, but has the chill vibes of LA. They also hold events (like concerts!) at their salon.You'll feel relaxed with the pro stylists, who also specialize in unicorn hair, cause their personal style is ON FLEEK. (That's probably the first time I've ever used that word. I take it back). Our stylist was co-owner Veronica Mattar. We would recommend her to ANYONE. Check her out here.

Before we get to our befores & afters, you gotta check out the space!

Jen's up first!


Looooong, reddish/brown, scraggly (it was fun while it lasted, but I was ready to CHOP IT!)


Short, blunt, black, and sassy! NO RAGRATS

Cort's turn!

Before: Medium length, dirty blonde, texture by dry-shampoo™ ;)


PINK! Balayage from natural roots to different dimensions of pink, dead ends trimmed, unicorn power injected

We're obsessed with our new looks. Thanks Veronica!! <3


Love & Fresh Locks