Fresh Find: Nighthawk Breakfast Bar


"Why would anyone ever eat anything besides breakfast food?" -Leslie Knope

Not sure if we've ever agreed with a question more. So, obviously we were thrilled the first time we stumbled upon this breakfast-for-dinner bar in Venice. Because we all know that breakfast tastes a thousand times better when it's served at dinner time. ;)

This place has since become a must for us whenever we're on the west side. Every girl needs the occasional cereal milk cocktail in her life. Yeah, we'll just let that sink in for a minute. Cereal. Milk. Cocktail. 

This edgy little joint opens for "dinner" every night (except Monday), and for brunch and dinner on weekends! Created by Jeremy Fall, it was inspired by the 80's and 90's rock-n-roll crowd in L.A., who would always finish their evenings by eating at their fave diners after a show. And you definitely get a since of moody nostalgia in Nighthawk. 

The decor is perfectly vintage & unique & quirky in the best way. And there's always a buzzin' crowd, which gives you those classic L.A. vibes. And y'all, we haven't even hit the best part yet. The food. We've gotten different things each time we've visited and it never disappoints. 


We're gals that like choices, so we usually get a combination of stuff anywhere we go and share it. Variety is key. ;)

But we'll give you a couple recommendations:

Cort's faves- Cinnamon Toast Crunch Spiked Cereal Milk, Drunken French Toast, Chicken & Biscuits, Tang Mimosa. 

Jen's faves- Super Bowl, Bitter Blues Cocktail, Tower o' Bacon, Drunken French Toast (we can't get enough of it!)

You can thank us when you're in breakfast heaven. ;)

Jen & Cort