Salvation Mountain

There's a magical place south of Palm Springs called "Salvation Mountain." It's a wondrous place full of love, serenity, forgiveness, and acceptance. It is made completely of local adobe clay, and hand painted in the brightest, most beautiful colors. Built by one man, Leonard Knight, hoping to show God's love to the world, this mountain does just that. People travel from all over just to see this wonder. It is everything we hoped it would be.

We left LA at about 6 AM to get here at about 9 AM. We arrived to a quiet paradise where a rainbow mountain greeted us warmly. We got out of the car, grinning stupidly from ear-to-ear, taking it all in. It was nothing short of magical. Before taking any pictures, we walked the grounds...just being in that quiet moment. We strongly recommend going early before any crowds appear (and it gets too hot!).

Is it out in the middle of nowhere next to some maybe not-so-safe little towns? Yes. Should you really travel out of your way to visit? Absolutely.

Love & Hope