Give it a Whurl!

We have both loved vintage clothing for as long as we can remember. But, we are so not good at finding stuff that is cute, fits us, and is affordable. It's an art, y'all. We've recently made friends with people who rock vintage clothes so hard, and it makes us want to cry.

Cue that ol' phrase, "there's an app for that!" FOR REAL. THERE IS. AND it's created by the coolest chick ever, Sam! It's called Whurl. (We'll wait a sec for you to download it, and shop for a're welcome).


Still waiting...





Okay. Welcome back. So, back to Whurl. We discovered it not long after meeting a lot of our IG friends in real life, to find out that that is where they find most of those incredible vintage goodies that spark all those "omg, where did you get that?!" comments. Whurl is cool, because not only can you sell your own vintage finds and shop around, BUT you can also post inspiration pics of what you're looking for and people contact you with what they have in their shop. For example, if you're looking for that fabulous vintage pink, wide-brimmed hat that you found on Pinterest, you post that photo on the app, and if someone has something similar, they respond with a picture of what they have.


Here are some of the pieces we've found! Needless to say, we can't stay off the app... *please take all my money kthx*

SO GOOD, RIGHT?! Here's some other lovely, vintage-clad babes stolen from @shopwhurl's insta! *click on the right to slide through!*

Pictured above: @elsielarson, @sophlog (edit by @space.ram), @shopwhurl, @ameliajetson, @shimmervintage, and @splendid_rags

Happy Shopping!


Jen & Cort