Girly Garb: Vintage Goodies

It's no secret that we love us a good vintage find! And if we haven't bragged on Los Angeles enough already, it is one of the best cities to find these super unique pieces. There are so many different vendors and shops, and believe me, we could easily spend every last dime on them! This probably won't be the only vintage-inspired Girly Garb that we do, because this is a newfound love of ours and we'll probably just keep talking about it forever and ever. So, you've been warned. ;)

Since moving here, I (Cort) have been dying to try this cute, 50's style diner called Mel's Drive In! There are a few locations around L.A., and I was just obsessed with how cute it was. So, when we got some of our most recent vintagey pieces from Unique Vintage (Jenna's skirt and Cortney's shoes), we decided to finally make it a point to visit! 

Like....holy cute, y'all. I was honestly expecting to see Danny & Sandy sipping on a milkshake in a corner booth. *cue "Summer Lovin"*. 

Speaking of milkshakes, you don't come to a diner like this and NOT order one. Obvi it had to be strawberry, because we're extremely OCD about color coordination. *shrugs* Although after seeing all the food being delivered around us, we both probably could've eaten one of everything on the menu. I was this close to asking the lady next to me if she was going to finish her onion rings. But I didn't. I kind of regret it. 


Whenever you're feeling a little tired of this decade, definitely pay Mel's a visit. Also, I'm pretty sure that in the 50's, calories didn't count, so get a milkshake (or two) and just be really happy about life in that moment. <3

Cort's wearing: Jumpsuit- Ladies Who Lunch Shop/ Shoes- Unique Vintage  / Donut Ring- Little Sweet Karen

Jen's wearing: Skirt- Unique Vintage/ Shoes- H&M / Top- Urban Outfitters



Jenna & Cortney