Alt Summit & Palm Springs 2017!

Palm Springs is easily one of our most favorite places we've ever visited. So much color, a mid-century, modern paradise filled with all the colorful doors, beautiful hotels/homes, and just a nice quite desert vibe. Even though it's not that far from L.A., it no doubt feels like a different world. As much as we both love living in L.A., we agree that it's also really nice to leave it for a few days. ;)

And I'm sure most of you have heard of the ultimate blogger conference that is Altitude Summit. Previously held in Salt Lake City, but it was held in Palm Springs this year, and we were so excited to figure that out! That was the only excuse (as if we need one) we needed to take a week off to go and chill poolside with some of our fave insta babes irl! 

And I mean, we also got to learn some really cool stuff from some really successful people in this crazy wild social media/blogging industry, but the classes come secondary to hanging out at the colorful oasis that is the Saguaro with margaritas in our hands. *insert praise hands emoji*

Some of our favorite speakers were:

Holy so much information! If you're really looking to start up, really any kind of creative business for yourself, we definitely recommend trying out this conference! But more than anything, just being able to meet and talk with all these amazing creative people we know via social media, was one of the most amazing experiences. To know that they're all people. Like we're people. This community is so uplifting and supportive, y'all. Our phrase of the week was "community over competition," and that's really what we felt. We found people who love to dress colorfully as much as we do, who are all chasing their passions with a hustle that we admire so hard, and who can also let their guard down and polish off a bottle of wine while talking about everything under the sun in a hot tub. We could ramble on about these people forever, and just how grateful we are to have been brought into this world that we honestly knew nothing about until a year ago. 

BUT we digress, so we'll share some of our favorite snaps from the week! :)

Take it from us. Palm Springs is life, and you should go. Like yesterday. 



Cort & Jen