A Whimsy Last Minute Gift Guide

Yet another holiday related post! Surprised?

If you know us, probably not at all. ;)

We've done wishlists before, but we've never done a gift guide for other people before, so we were really excited to share some of our favorites this season! 

For the Dudes:

1. Gold French Press

If your dude is into coffee (like both of ours), a gold, vintagey looking french press is not a bad idea! Cap it off with a bag of his favorite blend, and it's a cute little package gift! And you'll most likely get to help drink the coffee, which is a total perk. 

2. Boys Support Girls Tee

I (Cort) actually just ordered this tee for my husband! Shhh! ;) Because he needs SOMETHING pink, right? Actually, my hubs' love for pink may actually rival mine..which brings us to the next gift on the list as well. BUT you can get this tee here, and then a Girls Support Girls one for yourself! 

3. Pink High Tops

To match the shirt. Both of our guys are HUGE shoe nerds, and here's another way to sneakily add more pink to their wardrobe. Get these ones here

4. Crosley Velvet Record Player

Urban Outfitters is a go-to place for our holiday shopping every year, and they may have killed us with this record player this year. I mean...it's velvet. Do we even have to say anything else?

5. Home Brew Kit

If your guy likes beer (like mine (Jenna's) does ;), this gift is a sure-fire way to get him stoked. Not too expensive, and he'll feel like a boss making his own beer!

6. Dart Board

Now...not everyone is a master of darts. But, Joel has a dart board, and since we've started dating, it's been a really fun thing we do while we cook or are just having a lazy day at home. I'm horrible at it...but I still think it's a blast!!


For the Parents:

1. Dollar Shave Club Membership

Dads are the HARDEST to shop for if you're a girl...maybe even if you're not. I really think we may have given our dads socks throughout our entire childhood. Which we still would, if they were pizza socks or donut socks or something like that. But if you're looking for something different, so many guys we know (you know, young hip whippersnappers) RAVE about this Dollar Shave Club! So get your daddio a membership! He'll probably feel v cool. 

2. Gold Cactus Drink Pitcher

It'll encourage them to make sangria or something, and now they'll be able to do it very stylishly...and again, you'll get to drink it. This cactus pitcher is also something WE want! 

3. Google Home

Parents are astounded by these things, guys. And Urban Outfitters has them for a great price this season! Buy one here

4. Cute Holiday Mug

A sentimental gift is never a bad way to go. A holiday mug (like this Griswold Family Christmas one) related to a movie you grew up watching with your fam could be a special way to let them know how much you loved it. :) Get matching ones for everyone, and then drink your spiked egg nog out of them while you watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. "Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's they Tylenol?"

5. Movie Pass

This gift could really be for anyone. You pay $10/month and can watch a movie a day in most theaters. Joel and I watch WAY more movies than we ever did before...it's basically a free date night!

6. Anthropologie Candle

If y'all know about Anthro candles...then you knooowwwwww. Easy to get in a pinch, and abolutely deLISH smelling.

For the Gal Pals:

1. Pom Pom Throw Blanket

It's no secret we love a good pom pom item. This throw blanket from Anthropologie is a dream for sure! 

2. Morning Mantra Coffee Mug

Because don't we all need our coffee mugs to offer us encouragement? This one from Daisy Natives does just that! 

3. Coffee Table Books

Pretty coffee table books are never a bad idea! This Grand Budapest book is giant and pink and couldn't be more perfect. 

4. Weekday Weekend Cookbook

For after the holidays when you set that resolution to start eating healthy again. This cookbook by A Beautiful Mess is full of health-conscious but DELISH recipes, as well as some weekend treat recipes as well! 

5. Magic Sequin Pillow

I'm sure y'all have seen these all around. We both have them and LOVE them! Endless entertainment to draw new designs on and switch the look of. Your girls will be obsessed with them!


Let me (Jenna) start off by saying that if you haven't gotten me a gift yet...GET THIS. Literal perfection. I need not say more.

Christmas is JUST AROUND THE CORNER. If you have procrastinated (like we have)...look no further than this list, and take care of your peeps!



Jen & Cort