Fresh Find: Lolita Grand in Brooklyn


I've been to New York City about a bazillion times and even lived there for a short spell, but I've never really explored Brooklyn much! This trip, Joel and I really wanted to make it a point to spend a lot of time in Brooklyn. Our idea of exploring is walking a lot, taking pictures, finding random junk/antique stores, and discovering bars! We had done a lot of exploring one day and were seeking a bar...we were crossing a street when I turned around and saw this beautiful vision. A sea foam green vision of beauty with a hot pink sign reading, "Lolita Grand." We literally turned around, mid crosswalk, and high-tailed it inside. I ordered my rose, then as she poured, I started snapping away! It was too cute not to! #noshame

Even as I'm writing this, Joel said, "Finding this place was your destiny." Hahaha. Not wrong. I was in heaven the whole time. He is kind enough to oblige. See photo below. ;)


All this to GOTTA check out Lolita Grand if you're ever in Brooklyn!


Love & Flowery Curtains,