Paris part two- Speakeasies!

Our Three Favorite Speakeasies in Paris

One of the best ways to truly explore a new city is to experience the nightlife. And I happen to have a special affinity for speakeasies. Paris didn’t go through the Prohibition era that we speakeasies weren’t and aren’t necessary there...but I’m not mad that they hopped on the train! Who doesn’t love a gimmick? ;) I’m here today to tell you about the three best speakeasies in Paris!

I would save the best for last, but I gotta start out with my favorite one: Lavomatic

30 rue René Boulanger 75010 Paris

We were told about this one by our friend Abbey (@daily_disco). You enter into a laundromat...then it’s up to you to figure out how to get in. 100% telling the truth, it took us a good ten minutes to figure out that the entrance is actually BEHIND one of the washing machines!! We were way too excited to discover the staircase behind the “machine.” Haha! Once you get upstairs, you can literally sit in a SWING to enjoy your coco puffs cocktail. You read that right. All that to say...I highly suggest you visit.

*photos via Lavomatic


Secondly, you should visit Le Ballroom du Beefclub

58 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau 75001 Paris

We actually went to this one twice because we loved it so much! It’s a black door in the middle of a brick building next to a restaurant. You would totally miss it if you didn’t know it was there! You go in and down a very dark and clanky stairway and into the bar. The seats are all vintage-y looking sofas and chairs and the bartenders are happy to make you something specific to your tastes. And it turns into a dance club on the weekends! We were all about it.

*photos via Le Ballroom du Beefclub

And last but not least, Moonshiner.

5 Rue Sedaine 75011 Paris

This one was also a very sneaky much so, that I thought I had taken us to the wrong place! We walked in to what seemed like a closed pizza parlor. Chairs turned upside down on the tables and staff cleaning up the kitchen. I quietly asked if there was a bar here, and a man just nodded to the freezer. Yes. The freezer. We hesitantly walked though a real, working freezer, through a door in the back of the freezer, and into the bar. Whaaaattttt! Way too cool. (Literally ;).

*photos via Moonshiner 

If you were looking for a reason to go to Paris, here are three great ones. But chances are, you’ve already been planning a trip to go anyways. Hopefully this has given you a little push to book your flight! Happy travels! :)

Love & Sneaky Bars