2017: Our Goals and Resolutions

Well darlings, 2017 is here, and she's here for awhile. Whether or not you're making big goals or resolutions, it is kind of a nice time to take a moment and reassess...to gather your thoughts and revisit your current path. We took a day to marinate on our goals for this year and create a dream board full of inspiration!


Jenna's goals for this year:

Apologize less. One of my good friends told me that she's started substituting "thank you" for "sorry.' So instead of, "Sorry I'm late!" say, "Thanks for waiting on me!" It's a simple thing, and it empowers you.  Brush my teeth as much as I'm supposed to. Yeah...I'm just lazy. Drink more water. It's just so booooooring. Sign with a new agent. I keep making excuses like "I don't even have time to audition" or whatever it is that day. No more. New agent, here I come! Upload videos of me singing/dancing. This is a scary one...but if I really want to make my performing dreams happen, I've gotta actually put myself out there!! Budget better. Let's see if I can save any money this year...homegirl is the worst at this. Book a musical and dance gig. Again...gotta be more proactive about this. I am shy and I can talk myself out of things very easily. You receive less rejection that way. It's a harsh world out there, and curling up in a ball and watching Netflix is soooo much easier than standing in line for hours, then having someone take one look at you and say, "Thank you," and with that, you're sent home. Just because you didn't look like what they had in mind. BUT! This is what I signed up for. And I've gotta toughen up just a bit more and give it a real go! This year I WILL book some performing gigs. And lastly, the thing that's on everyone's list, I would really like to lose a bit of weight. This is a constant battle for me. I don't talk about it often, cause I don't like to admit my insecurities. This is me being super vulnerable...but I really want to achieve this and feel more comfortable in my own skin. Whew! That was a doozy. Here's to being brave in 2017! 

Cort takin' over here! 

I've never been a big fan of yearly resolutions, honestly. Is that weird? Not that I don't have goals for myself. I do. But I think in the past I've focused too much on the things I wanted to do in a specific year, and it almost limited me. For example, "By the time I'm 25, I should be in my dream career", "By the time I'm 28, I should own a home", "By the time I'm 30, I should be pregnant or already have a baby." I used to set really harsh timelines for myself and then get really upset when they didn't happen in the time I planned for them to. But guess what? That's life. Goals change as you do. I'm almost 25, and Jenna and I are working on this dream career. Not quite full time yet, but we don't plan to stop until it is. Nowhere close to owning a home, cause my hubs and I decided to take a leap and move to Los Angeles, and a lot of our savings went towards that move. Three years ago, I would've regretted that. But if we hadn't made that choice and moved to Los Angeles, I wouldn't have met Jenna, and I know for a fact I wouldn't have been brave enough to start this blogging journey on my own. And babies are still a long way off. ;) Basically what I'm saying is your goals change as you do. And that's not a bad thing. Everyone's journey is a little different. Also, I'm not saying it's bad to set resolutions for each year. Basically, just become more familiar with your inner self. How you operate. What kind of system works best for you to accomplish what you want to accomplish for you. Not for anyone who's telling you you have to. Has L.A. made me too much of a hippie? *throws up peace sign*. ;)

Anyway, I will list some of my "in general" goals that I've set for myself lately! 

Wear less makeup. I really struggle with comparing myself to other people in a lot of areas. I see so much natural beauty in those around me. I want to see it more in myself too. Travel more. I don't even care that this is cliche. I'm always one to say, "Oh, I'll have more money next year. I can go then." But life is short. I don't know how long I'm here for, and I want to see as much as I can. Watch less Netflix, and read more books. I love reading, but with the convenience of a smart TV, it's become less of a priority for me, and it's something that makes my heart so happy. It's so easy to just want to turn your brain off when you're done working for the day, but I want to make it a goal to immerse myself more in the written words around me. Speak my mind more. I'm a people pleaser. I will let someone walk over me if it makes them happy, which doesn't make me happy. In the past, I've been afraid if I voice what I really think, I might lose a friend. But that's not the kind of company I want to keep. Team more positivity 2k17 *throws up another peace sign*. Kind of going along with that last one, welcoming new people into my life. It's easy for me to be all lively and bubbly behind a computer/iPhone screen, and I like to think I am once you get to know me in person, but ya girl is reallyyyyyy shy at first. Not even sure why. Especially since starting this blog thing, Jenna and I have met so many genuinely kind souls who only want to help us on this journey. Maybe this goes back to the comparison struggle I have. I always want to seem like I have my shit together, cause I feel like everyone else does, even though I know they're all probably thinking the same thing about me? Endless circle! Ha! We're new at this. We're learning. I don't know everything. When I first started Instagram, I thought it was just a way to edit photos. Whatever. It's fine. 

Obviously, we're also making it a goal to be more transparent with y'all. Hope that's cool. ;)




Jenna & Cortney