3 Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Valentine's Gifts!

***This post was sponsored by #HallmarkAtWalgreens, but all opinions are our own.***

This is the real best time of the year...because not only is it Valentine's Day, and we get to be all lovey-dovey, but it's also Jen's birthday! Also...best color scheme ever! We take any and every excuse to overdo it with the pink and send our besties a lil somethin! 

And cards are one of our favorite gifts to give to all the people we have major heart eyes for! It always makes the gift giving process feel so personal. And with the Hallmark Signature line of cards (available at Walgreens!), there’s seriously a card for every personality. #NoOrdinaryCard

Sprinkles, confetti, glitter—all things we love! And when cards are this pretty and unique, they’re a gift on their own! You really don’t need to do much else. However, if you’re like us, and enough is never really enough, you can add on a cute little present. And it’s always a plus when you can make it a one-stop-shop, because we live in L.A. and going to multiple places can take forever. ;)

This year Hallmark has some of the cutest and quirkiest gifts within the Inspirations from Hallmark line, only available at Walgreens, like these little plush guys, and y'all already know we're suckers for anything striped! 

They compliment the Hallmark Signature Cards perfectly! There are  other options such as candles, wooden block signs, pillows, and coffee mugs, but we couldn’t say no to these cuties! 

As much as we love giving little gifts to go along with our Hallmark cards, we can be a little basic (read: lazy) when it comes to wrapping them. So we thought this year we'd spruce it up a little! So embrace the blogger that's inside of us all, and read on for 3 ways to dress up your Valentine's Day presents! 

1: Printed picture and stickers

Use craft paper as your base. Wrap the gift. Use an instax pic of you and your bestie. And cover that bad boy with stickers. More is more. Go ahead. Use them all. We give you permission. 

2: Add Pom-Poms!

This is our second project this year where we've used pom-poms. We should just go ahead and declare 2017 as "The Year of the Poms." amiright??

3: Wrap Some Twine!

Tape the twine to the bottom edge. Wrap wrap wrap! Tape the other end on the bottom. Repeat for other direction and color! (...should we really be explaining this? We wanna give y'all a LITTLE credit here! ;) And you can match the style of the card to the style of the gift you’re giving! Obviously, we’re all for a card with some sprinkles on it! 

No matter what or to whom you decide to gift this V-Day, make sure you get your Hallmark fix at Walgreens! And don't forget! We're co-hosting a twitter party with Hallmark and Walgreens on February 9th at 8 pm ET. Don't miss it! You could win some sweet prizes!

You are the sprinkles to our cupcakes. 



Jen & Cort