Bonjour Fete

One of the things we love most about living in Los Angeles is the vast amount of local businesses out there! There are constantly adorable little shops and coffee shops and restaurants and bars opening up all around us. And it's always so much fun to go and explore them, try their products, and spend way more money than we originally intended. It's just so hard not to when they're all so cute! 

We've followed Bonjour Fete on Instagram for quite a while and we were so excited when they set up shop just about five minutes away from Cort's house! For any of those who haven't heard of it, Bonjour Fete is an extremely stylish party supply store, full of about a million of the cutest items in the world from some of our favorite vendors (Little Arrow Studio, Packed Party, and BASH Party Goods, just to name a few)! We got a chance to chat with the owner, Rachel (who was also the sweetest), about her journey of launching this brand, and how she moved with her family from Montreal to L.A. to set up shop. Being in the creative business, it's just always so encouraging to see something so unique and so needed come to life in our neighborhood! The shop is just effortlessly beautiful, which is kind of our favorite. ;)

Of course we were drawn to everything pink. ;) After walking around the store for like, an hour and a half, trying to narrow down our choices, we walked away with some valentine cards, some flamingo stir sticks, polka dotted straws, flamingo cocktail napkins, and a few other things...because we're not really good at "narrowing down." 

Definitely a spot we'll be visiting probably on a regular basis. If you're looking to stop in, just look for that adorable pink door. :)


Jenna & Cortney