DIY Watercolor Wall Art

I'm basically unhappy until my walls are covered head-to-toe with art of some sort. I also know that my wallet is basically unhappy when I buy a multitude of art and frames online all the time... WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO?! Oh. Right. Make my own!!

I made this for Cortney and Ty for their bedroom. I liked how it turned out, so I thought I'd show y'all how to do it too!

You'll need:

-Watercolor paper (or just a thicker paper of whatever size you like!)

-Watercolor paint


-Tape measure/ruler/yard stick

-Pencil and thick black marker

I like a gradient color scheme. For this one, I wanted to use cool colors...I did a green to purple diagonal fade. Start with the darker color on the corner, then lighter in the middle to meld colors, then back to dark on the opposing corner for balance. As for brush strokes, I like a messier look. It's also easier to blend the colors this way.

Pause periodically to document on snapchat.

The paper will crinkle a little bit as you go, but once you frame it, it flattens right out.

Let that dry for a bit before you write on it.

Now for the saying! Decide what you wanna write and how you want to center it on the page. (Practice a bit on another paper before you go for it ;). Take your measuring tool and make a small mark with you pencil to mark the center on the edges and also in the center of the page. If your paper is large, I'd recommend making a mark at the quarter points too!


Write your words in pencil first, VERY LIGHTLY. It can be noticeable if you erase something on the watercolor. Once you're happy with how it looks, trace that baby with your marker.

*FAUX CALLIGRAPHY TIP* If you're using cursive, make your "down strokes" extra bold!

VOILA! Now you can open your own Etsy shop and charge $59.95 for your original art.

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