Alfred Coffee- New Studio City Location!

"But first, coffee." 

The mantra of many, and Alfred's coined it. One of L.A.'s most unique and delicious coffee (and now tea, too) chains and definitely one of our most favorite spots to sit, sip, and work! Each shop is equally aesthetically wonderful and unique and decorated in a kind of mid-century kind of vibe. Lots of patterns, pretty tile, cool light fixtures, etc.

For the past few months, Alfred's has been working on their new Studio City location (which is super close to Cort), and we have been so excited to go! And on opening day, just a couple of days ago, we got our chance! 

And the decor (and obvs the drinks and treats) were all just extremely perfect. 

What we recommend ordering:

Cort- Iced matcha with almond milk & a strawberry croissant! 

Jen- Iced caramel latte with almond milk & a blueberry muffin! 

If you're looking for a place where you can get fabulous coffee & just absorb all the creative inspiration ever in the world, this is your place. Check it out! You'll more than likely see us there on multiple occasions. ;)


Jen & Cort