How to Throw the Perfect Summer Backyard Bash!

Hey howdy hey y'all!

We recently got the opportunity to partner with Rainstorm Wines...and we thought we would take that opportunity and throw a summery soiree for all our best gal pals! We used Jenna's backyard as our setting (cause she basically has the only backyard in Los Angeles, and duh, it's SO CUTE), and decked it out with all our favorite colors and balloons galore! We bought our own helium tank and may or may not have had too much fun with it...but who's to know the truth... ;)

A little about Rainstorm Wines: first of all, it's deLISH! It's based out of Oregon, they're an organic wine brand and the vineyards are free of pesticides and all that junk. Super natural. And super cute branding! Cause let's be honest, if it's not Instagram worthy, should you even buy it? (check out more here! -> They sent us a Pinot Noir and a bubbly Rosé and they were gone quicker than you can say "rose-HAAAYYYYY." We complimented these wines with a spread of various appetizers!

We wanted to do easy finger foods and desserts. Cheese and crackers (always), macarons, hummus, popcorn, cake balls, and anything in puff pastry form is a go-to for us. Some of our favorite new recipes include: chicken-brie-strawberry croissants, and nutella puff pastries! 

As you can tell, we like choices. Our philosophy when it comes to food is always "a little bit of everything." 

This beauty of a dish is one of our favorite pretty/tasty party foods! Super easy peach toast!

Toasted baguette, honey goat cheese, sliced peach, balsamic glaze, and fresh basil. The end! You'll be sure to impress with this one, and it took you like 2 seconds.

As far as decor, we wanted to combine all of our summer girly Pinterest ideas into one colorful soiree. We just wanted to make it a happy space! Along with our balloons, festive banners, and edison bulb lights, we were so lucky to have one of our super talented girlfrands, Morgan, floralize the space for us! (check her out here and on insta! @wildmusefloral).

One idea we had was to create a photo wall to use as a backdrop, so that everyone could take an instax photo. Because sometimes you want the photo evidence somewhere other than your phone, right? ;)

We used the "hey girl hey" banner from our girl Amber of @dixieandtwine (shop here!), and a few other banners we picked up around LA. We added some balloons, then Morgan put the finishing touches on it with her pretty blooms!

There was also a wine bar chock full of reds, whites, and rosé so everyone could pick their poison!

We loved having all our nearest and dearest to party with. We played Destiny's Child and boogied our little wine-loving hearts out. *sorry Jenna's neighbors*

Because when someone sends you tasty wine, you throw a party! (srsly check them out...placing our next order right now!


Love & Wine

Jen & Cort