Hey, y'all! 

So, I'm sure we've mentioned before, Los Angeles is like, donut central. Donut shops around every corner. So many different varieties. You can get a donut breakfast sandwich, donut ice cream sundae, donuts with bacon on them, pretty much donut whatever-your-heart-desires. And as two donut lovin' gals, we're always on the hunt to find the best one! Which is basically impossible because every place we've been to so far is just SO DIFFERENT. It's impossible to compare apples and oranges! But let's be real, we're not comparing fruit here. Sugary fried dough is way more important. ;)

So, last week, one of our main babes, Cammie (The cute lil bb pictured above...killa_camzz on insta...she's pretty rad...and we do occasionally hang out with other people besides each other), suggested we try out this place! At first, we were kind of skeptical. "Fonuts." That means "fake donuts," right?! But ohhhh man, were we wrong! They were amazing! 

The main difference between fonuts and regular donuts, is that these ones are always baked or steamed, never fried, which makes them really moist, and cakey, and delicious. Which we can totally appreciate, cause we wanna live a long time but also eat the things we love. Less guilt, right?! Life is all about balance. :) Our babe Cammie is also vegan. Neither of us are, but we're always down for some good vegan grub. Fonuts had quite a few vegan and gluten free options as well, which we thought was super cool! Another thing we absolutely adore about living in L.A.! So many options for everyone! 

Are you enticed yet?!

Their flavor choices were INSANE! So many options we'd never even heard of before. 

Our flavor recommendations:

  • Blueberry Earl Grey
  • Strawberry Buttermilk
  • Vanilla Latte
  • Black and White
  • Banana Bread

We had to do some experimenting, and while we were super full afterwards, it was totally worth it! They also serve LaMill Coffee which is some of the best damn coffee you'll have whilst in L.A. and the staff is just super friendly and patient. We took forever to decide (again, let's be real, it doesn't matter where we are, we take forever to decide.), and they were so sweet while we were all like "I'll take the banana...no, no, no wait! I want the vanilla..no, no, no WAIT!...yeah, I'll take the banana." ;)

So, add this to your list of ever-growing places to visit when in L.A. or make it one of your local spots if you already live here! We'll definitely be back because there are at least 10 more flavors that we haven't tried, and we haven't done our duty as Americans to these donuts if we don't go all in, right? #fonuts2016. 

Cheers, babes! 


Cort and Jen