Picnic Party with Starbucks Refreshers® Beverages!

This post was sponsored by Starbucks and Walgreens, but all opinions are our own.

Summer is almost over! Which means it's getting a little cooler. Which means it's also not a million degrees outside. Which ULTIMATELY means...more outdoor activities! We stopped by Walgreens to pick up some Starbucks Refreshers® beverages, some other yummy snacks, and treated ourselves to a little picnic date in Jen's backyard, and it was so relaxing just to have a chill picnic to actually hang out and talk to each other! (We may spend most of our time together...but having girl time set aside to not talk just about work is important!)

Picnic essentials:

-Cheese and crackers


-Quaker® Chewy Bars

-Starbucks Refreshers® beverages (we love these two new flavors-- Peach Passion Fruit and Black Cherry Limeade!)

-Cute sunnies for that Instagram photo op

-Your bestie

Our lives are go-go-go...so we usually run to coffee for our energy. But lately, we've really taken to the sparkly, fruity deliciousness of Starbucks Refreshers® beverages as a midday pick me up instead of another cup of java. And they don't give us the jitters like too much coffee occasionally does. But hey, a girl's gotta stay awake!

Take a break from the crazy...and sip on one of these yummy and revitalizing drinks. They're made with refreshing coconut water and real fruit juice. NO artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, which we always appreciate...a much better alternative to other energy drinks. (Cause we all know that energy drinks are all too necessary sometimes). And they're sooooo good! You can find these drinks near you & more flavor options on starbucksrefreshers.com

ALSO...through the end of September...buy 2 Starbucks Refreshers® beverages at Walgreens, and get a free Quaker® Big Chewy Granola Bar. (below) Perfect little snack on the go. *praise hands*

So before we get too excited about cool weather and all the goodness of Fall, grab your bestie(s), a couple Starbucks Refreshers® beverages, some snackies, and get to picnic'n! And be sure to let us see your summer adventures by hash-tagging #starbucksrefreshers in your posts! 

Peace & Picnics

Jen & Cort