Dinosaur Coffee.

All the wonderful (and cute) coffee shops are one of the things we absolutely love most about living in L.A. If you never want to go to the same coffee shop twice, you probably wouldn't have to. There are so many ridiculously pretty and inspiring places in every neighborhood! And you totally want to go back to every one, cause they're so stinkin' cute! 

While we occasionally like working from home, we like to have our "meetings" in places that really inspire our creativity! And if bright spaces, happy plant babies, and delish blueberry muffins don't say "inspiration,"...well, then I just don't know what does! 

First of all, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE TABLES WITH THE PINK LEGS BECAUSE I ACTUALLY CAN'T! So adorable! This little spot is tucked away in Silverlake just totally where you wouldn't expect it to be (aren't the best places always that way?). And there's just so much natural light, it's super spacious, the staff is really kind, and their drinks are just on point! 

Jenna got an almond milk latte, I got a nectarine lemonade (which I want to have everyday forever), and we split a blueberry muffin! All of it was so yummy! Also, we are 100% the people who spend five minutes getting that perfect IG shot of our food. But we understand each other, so it's cool. ;)


Dinosaur Coffee is right next to this pretty friggin' sweet solid-colored red wall, and what blogger doesn't jump up and down at a good wall find?!

So, we got to walk next door and showcase our cute shirts from Tees and Tank You! They are some of the cutest and most comfortable shirts we own, for sure! And they're centered around food, which is basically what our lives are centered around sooooo. ;) Check them out if you haven't! We've already got our eyes on a few more cute lil babes in their shop!

Put this place on your list of L.A. places immediately, babes! It's worth it! 

Things will be fine. <3