10 Things You Need from Target (like right now)


The place you go in to buy paper towels, and you come out with potato chips, a sports bra, a new Kitchen Aid mixer, 7 new coffee mugs....and no paper towels. You can see that red circle from a mile away, and it sucks you in....every. single. time. While we're sure you have a constantly on-going list of all the things you need from this place that is the closest thing to heaven on earth, we're here to give you 10 more things to add to that list! Because, really, there is always a reason to go to Target (also pronounced Tar-jay if you're feeling fancy or French). ;)

1. Graphic Tees

Target has a never ending collection of these super witty graphic t-shirts & tanks, and Jenna & I can seriously spend hours (sadly, I'm not exaggerating) giggling to ourselves as we pick through the racks. 

2. Fake Plants

All my other ladies who can't keep a plant alive longer than a week say heyyyyyyy! ;) But really, why weren't fake succulents a thing a looooong time ago?! And if people want to assume they're real, well that's a-okay with me. 

3. Throw Pillows

I could seriously spend my entire paycheck on throw pillows. The more pillows on the bed/couch, the cozier it is, am I right? I usually have a minimum of three pillows surrounding me at all times. And I stress "minimum." Current status: leaning back on three throw pillows with one under my laptop, and one under my feet as I type this post. Casual. 

4. DesignLoveFest's "Cheeky Love Fest" Collection

One of our favorite lines Target has released, like ever! Along with Oh Joy! for Target. But, as y'all can probably tell, we both enjoy playing hostess, and the Cheeky Love Fest collection has some of the cutest party products. And they're also super affordable! Our favorite napkins & cups are pictured here! All the good vibes! 

5. Swimsuits

One of the holy grails of Target---the swimsuit section. Mixing & matching til your heart can't take it no more! (Grammatical errors purposely done, promise). ;) We actually used some of our fave Target swimsuits for our collaboration shoot with Pepsi and Walgreens! 

6. Bright Colored Accent Pieces

Bright accent furniture pieces are some of my favorite things to add to our home! Hence my addiction to all the bright throw pillows pictured above. Our yellow ottoman is still one of my favorite pieces cause it adds so much happy color to our living room! BONUS: we store all of our movies inside of it! 

7. Shoes, shoes, shoes! 

Constantly falling in love with Target's bold sneaker and sandal collections! You guys know we're both suckers for a good pattern. 

P.S. I also got my off-brand Birkenstocks from Target and they look remarkably like the real ones. ;) #lifehacks 

8. Shelves!

I'm literally not exaggerating when I say our apartment is like an advertisement for Target. Pretty much everything we own came from Target, except for our couch, which is from IKEA. But I'm in love with our geometric wall shelves (which I put my fake plants on, duh), and our little bookshelf! Again, super affordable and not impossible to put together! Score! 

9. Active-wear

Going along with the graphic tees, Target's active-wear is just on point this year! Yoga leggings, tanks, sports bras. I'm in love with it all! Once more, all about the patterns! One of my favorite workout outfits is pictured below! 

10. And last but not least....DRESSES! 

Jenna is much more of a dress wearer than I am, but neither of us can resist all the cute sun dresses Target has to offer! We each chose a favorite to show off here! 

And now you have 10 more reasons to go spend your entire day at Target. You're welcome. ;)

Love & Retail Therapy,