How We Celebrated 4th of July!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. We're both summer lovin' kinda gals. Warm weather, sunshine, longer days, and nights spent lounging around outside with our friends, drinking wine and soaking in all the good things in life. So, you could probably guess that 4th of July is one of our favorite things to celebrate! 

Seeing as we barely knew each other last 4th of July, neither of us did much to celebrate. But almost a year has passed since we became friends, and we now have a close knit group of wonderful souls surrounding us...and we're just really thankful, y'all. So we knew we wanted to celebrate big time this year! 

So, we decided to ring in the 4th with an outdoor movie night in Jenna's backyard! 

So if you guys are ever looking for an affordable themed party, this is it!

We stuck Cortney's husband, Tyler, on grill duty. We got tons of blankets, huge pillows, lots & lots of popcorn, movie theatre candy, and of course wine and cocktail fixin's and all hunkered down to watch The Goonies! 

And if you know us at all, you know we LOVE a good theme! And also a good cocktail! So, naturally, we made a 4th of July themed drink to give to all our guests! We decided to keep the actual recipe pretty easy, since we were busy setting up and running back and forth from 7/11 to pick up things we forgot, and just make it cute instead of complicated! 

So, here are our 4th of July Strawberry Margaritas! 

We just used an organic strawberry margarita mix from World Market, Camarena tequila, and since we don't like salt on the rims of our margs, we garnished them with blue pop rocks, blueberries, and strawberries! We also used our "Alco-holla" straws sent to us by our good friend, Amber who owns Dixie & Twine

We sipped and ate and laughed until our bellies & hearts were extremely full, and ended the night with sparklers! 


We'd love to hear how y'all rung in this holiday & we hope your 4th of July celebrations were just as lovely! 


Cort & Jen