Easy DIY Triangle Shelf

We love home improvements and DIYs as much as the next guy. But we also are livin' that poor girl life, and can't always afford to do the elaborate projects we see so often! (Homies on a budget say heeyyyyy!)

So we out on a mission to make a cute (and cheap!) shelf for my plant babe! It was so easy. Here's how!

You'll need:

-2 wood planks (we used 24" x 4")

-paint of your choice (we went with black and white)

-hot glue and glue gun

-little pom poms to cover the edges

Cut the boards in half. Paint 3 of them how you please. We painted one side black and one side white. Don't forget the edges!

Once that dries, and using a friend's help to hold into place, hot glue the edges together. I flipped one of the boards to be different, cause I think I'm fancy. :P

Then, hot glue a row of pom poms to cover the yucky edges of the triangle. And boom! Done! What did that take, like 20 minutes tops?

Also, check out our tutorial on how to decorate your own flower pots here!

Happy crafting!

Love & Good Vibes,