Cortney's Birthday Shenanigans!

Hey, y'all! Cort here!


So, it's been about 2 months since I've turned 24, and besides the fact that I'm viewing the upcoming 25 as "omg, only five more years until I'm 30", 24's been treating me pretty sweet. Last year on my birthday, we had just moved to L.A. Literally, we arrived the day before, so we spent most of my birthday at Target and IKEA (which, if you know me, is a pretty good celebration), but regardless, it kind of just blurred by in a meltdown of drunken tears which were the result of one too many margaritas and new things all around me. I didn't really know anyone last year, but y'all. THIS YEAR. I've made some beautifully wonderful friends and they went all out for me. So, I'm here to tell ya about it (and also to give some recommendations!). 

Once more, if you know me, you know I have a deep love for donuts. Like, I have a donut backpack, a donut dress, two donut tote bags, donut flair pins, the list goes on. SO, Jenna and my husband planned to surprise me with one of my favorites, California Donuts, when I woke up. How cute are they?!

Aaaaand bless her heart, Jenna likes to go all out. See all those candles she put into that one, tiny donut? ;) Long story short, I woke up to my smoke alarm going off, my dog going crazy, and a huge mondo flame coming out of a donut (there's a video that we may someday post). But I can say I'll literally never forget this. And the fact that they tried so hard made it all the more special. :) And those donuts were DEEEELISH! 

The day progressed with various surprises by my husband, including some of the aforementioned donut items, a new tattoo, and sushi at my favorite place for dinner! The next day, Ty told me I had to be ready to go out with everyone by 7, and I really don't do well with surprises, y'all. I like to plan ahead. So, as I'm questioning him about how fancy I need to dress, should I shower, are we eating there or do I need to eat before, how drunk will I get, etc., Jenna (again and always) knocks on my door, comes in, and tells me to pack a bag. I'm uber confused, and then she reveals that my husband has arranged for me and three of my best gal pals to go to Palm Springs for the weekend! *jumping up and down immediately ensues* 

And all you blogger babes have heard of the Saguaro in Palm Springs, but y'all. If you haven't been, GO. LIKE NOW. It. is. magical. We had the best time eating, drinking, and lounging by the pool. Which is really all you can do, cause Palm Springs is pretty damn hot! 

Anyway, some recommendations:

1. Have breakfast by the pool. It's luxurious and makes you feel entirely too fabulous. 

2. Order the breakfast burrito and sweet potato fries and iced coffee. To. die. for. 

3. Then, when you're ready to get a little pool schwasty, order the white sangria, cause I mean, dayyyyyummm. 

4. They have a Mexican restaurant/tequila bar right there in the hotel! We had dinner there and it was pretty good too! 

5. TAKE TONS OF PICTURES CAUSE THIS PLACE IS INSTAGRAM HEAVEN. See our snaps from one of the best weekends of my life below. 

p.s. these really bad ass dinosaurs are off some random exit on the way back to L.A. from Palm Springs and you basically have to stop at them and take pictures on their feet. Duh. 

Thanks a million to my girls, my hubs, and all you sweet thangs out there supporting this blog dream of mine (and Jen's)! You've made this past year arguably the best yet. :)