Malibu Hikin'!

We rarely get the chance to venture outside of LA. But when we (Cort, Ty, and I) all have a collective day we go! *Side-note...I'm a professional third wheel by this point. And not mad about it! ;)* Not long ago, we went to Solstice Canyon in Malibu for an ocean-side hike. It. Was. Beautiful! We had heard about this hike and were super interested in the ruins along the trail! We reached the top of the hike, and just took a seat to gaze at the beauty before us. Looking out to the ocean...and not being able to tell where the water stops and the sky begins...there's nothing like it.

The ruins were caused by a fire not long ago. The home still has some of it's 50s era leftovers like tile and kitchen appliances. There's a waterfall and small pond (that was basically non-existent cause #droughtprobs) behind the house that the residents would swim in.

*presh* ^^^

It was a pretty long hike, and it was toasty. But if we're hiking, we wanna get our sweat on! Also, I barely edited the sky in these snaps. ISN'T IT INSANE?! I always think I'm in The Truman Show when the sky gets all perfect and blue like that.

We highly suggest this hike...gorgeous and worth the trek out to Malibu!

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