Record Store Love

For this edition of 'Fresh Finds & Old Faves,' we ventured out to a couple my fave record stores! I had my mind set on 3 records to buy, so off we went!

First, we headed to Amoeba a.k.a. the mecca of music. It's completely and totally overwhelming. You walk in and are immediately bombarded with bright concert posters, colorful music paraphernalia, and inspiration out the wazoo. It's ginormous and packed wall-to-wall with records (new & used), CDs, movies, name it. I get easily with all this sensory overload, each visit tends to last upwards of a couple hours.

I got Traveller by Chris Stapleton, Thickfreakness by The Black Keys, and Nathaniel Ratliff and The Night Sweats' self titled record**. All three are a must and comprise most of my summer playlist!

**they're my latest discovery and I'm borderline obsessed. oldies-feeling, and just amazing. check 'em out!!*

Now, off to The Record Parlour!

This place gives me all the feels of a used bookstore, as all the records have been previously owned. I love these kinds of places, because everything there has had a life already. Who knows who owned the record previously or what that music inspired? I love listening to records with a little bit of static or some feels real and the life it's seen is almost tangible.

Here I picked up the soundtracks from Singin' in the Rain (my all time fave) and Easter Parade. **all the heart eye emojis**


My record collection and oldies-loving soul is replenished and happy for the time being. Anyone else out there have a record collection? What's your favorite album for vinyl?

Love & Good Times