Our Anniversary Trip to Santa Barbara

Hey, y'all!

So, my hubs and I just celebrated FIVE YEARS of marriage. Like, what?! It's so insanely crazy to me that we've been married that long, and some days it can feel like it's only been a couple of months.

 ^^^ Us at our wedding! Such babies! 

^^^ Us at our wedding! Such babies! 

 ^^^ And us now. It's crazy the difference five years makes! 

^^^ And us now. It's crazy the difference five years makes! 


Life is throwing us new adventures all the time. Since we moved to L.A. last summer, we haven't taken any vacations, cause it's like stupid expensive to move across the country and no one warned us about that. ;) But we decided to take a weekend away from our insane schedules and explore somewhere new, and we chose Santa Barbara! 

It was such the perfect spot for a little, relaxing weekend getaway. It's definitely more of a relaxed beach town, and we spent the days walking up and down the streets of downtown Santa Barbara, going in and out of the cute little shops, drinking coffee, and sampling delish food, which is obviously our fave part of any vacation. We also stayed at the most quaint B&B. Between walking everywhere and staying in a cute, floral B&B, I felt like I was in Gilmore Girls, so obviously I was in heaven. 

That blueberry french toast was a dream, by the way. And I forgot how nice it was to have someone bring you a fully prepared breakfast! I mean, Ty cooks for me all the time, but for neither of us to have to work, and to be able to roll out of bed and go have breakfast in a pretty garden...like I said. Heaven. 

Santa Barbara is also full of old, Spanish style architecture (archways EVERYWHERE!), and had the cutest streets and hidden nooks and crannies! We seriously had so much fun just walking aimlessly around town! 


And as I said, food is definitely one of our love languages. That sounds stupid, but it's true. We bond over trying new things together. Exploring hole-in-the-wall diners, types of food we never thought we'd like, getting dressed up and going to fancy new places---we take our sweet time and talk and laugh over meals (even at home around our coffee table while watching The Office). ;) 

So, here are a few of our recommendations!

Coffee: The French Press & Lilac Patisserie

We got coffee at The French Press each morning (their almond milk latte is actually everything), and tried out Lilac for pastries (they're an entirely gluten free patisserie!). 

Lunch: Santa Barbara Public Market

I'd describe the Santa Barbara Public Market as a much cleaner, much more chic version of Grand Central Market in DTLA. ;) Tons of natural and healthy food choices, local bakeries, wine & cheese---just tons of goodies! We got a smorgasbord of choices each time and brought them down the street to a little park and had leisurely picnics! 

Also, these fabulous stairs and that adorable blue door are right outside the market, and of course we had to stop and get some pictures! 

Dinner & Dessert: Cielito, Arigato Sushi, Rocket Fizz Candy Shop, Spoon Gelato

I ordered the blackberry margarita and the fish tacos from Cielito, and it was possibly the best choice I've ever made. Ty ordered the crab enchiladas, but had already dug into them before I could get a picture. But he's cute, so I guess I'll let it slide. We didn't get any pictures from Arigato Sushi, but it was just as delicious and just as adorable. Their miso soup with a glass of Savignon Blanc was absolutely perfect! 

Rocket Fizz is this adorable, vintagey candy shop where you can get a ton of candy and it's really hard to spend more than $10. Needless to say, we loaded up on lemon heads and these strawberry candies (does anyone know the actual name?! I grew up calling them strawberry goo-ies! Haha!). 

Spoon may have been my favorite place (partly because it was pink & striped & had a disco ball, and partly because it was SO GOOD!). Ty and I were thrilled to find out that they had a Disaronno amaretto flavor! Disaronno is our go-to summer liquor, so it was confirmed that we chose the right ice cream spot. :) I wound up just sampling that flavor, and ordering a combo cone with rocky road and salted caramel, which I would totally recommend! 

All in all, we had a fabulously relaxing and romantic anniversary getaway. We saw Stearn's Wharf and rode bikes down the coast, and just took some time to just be. And we definitely plan to return. :)

Love & Travels,