4 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Alright, y'all. Talking about one of our favorite things today! Instagram! Our fave form of social media, where we've met so many wonderful mega babes, girl bosses, and sweet peaches! And also where we creep on the lives of celebrities and follow along with the lives of cute dogs. Ya feel us?

But on the real (and all you blogger babes know), Instagram has become so much more than a social media platform. It's become a community. And it's SO important to surround yourself with colorful, bright, creative love-bugs who are constantly inspiring you to push the limits of your creativity, think outside the box, and also stay genuine in this crazy blogging universe. 

Now, before we dive into these accounts, we want to preface this by saying that these are not our only favorite Instagram accounts, but listing all of our favorites would literally result in us never looking away from our Mac screens, and we'd get too hungry, so these are four of our fave accounts from which we draw a lot of our own inspiration for blog posts, photos, and just general life. 

1. @sprinkledlife

Our girl Coreen. All the heart eye emojis for this one here! First of all, she was a Krispy Kreme girl for Halloween, so #goals. And second, she is just such a positive beam of light on Instagram (and off of it as well)! Always encouraging, lifting others up, and genuinely wanting others to succeed. Her feed is always so bright and happy, and always makes us smile! We both love the variety of the things she posts, and also how she maintains such a consistent theme! And she shares a lot of our favorite things, like cake & sprinkles & donuts. ;) So, what's not to love?!

Obviously, we like girls who like donuts! ;)

I mean, can we just take a minute to appreciate this photo? She's wearing fried egg socks, sitting next to a unicorn, and eating a donut. How could you not love following this sweet pea?! Lizzie is a graphic designer, and is always sharing her content in a new and unique way! Even if you've seen something on social media before, she finds a new way to present it! And it's super crazy inspiring. She just launched a new line of punny flair pins, and we are literally in love (as if we weren't already). Also, she's queen of dad jokes. 

We also love a girl who can rock heart sunnies & a red lip! <3 

Amber is a boss babe if we've ever seen one! And has a super sweet spirit to boot! She makes the cutest party supplies, like ever, in the world. Banners, cute straws, confetti, sparkly flamingos....have you fallen in love yet? Our Etsy cart is never not full of her stuff, and we're totally fine with that. If you're looking to step up your Instagram game, her shop is where you should start. You won't be disappointed! 

Shop her Etsy here! <3

Rosie is color. block. queen. And sunglasses queen, and twirly dress queen, and queen of finding the most fabulous walls, and probably queen of a lot of other things! And just like all these other mega babes, she is also so sweet. Another sweet peach who is always lifting up everyone around her, and always willing to give advice or help, whenever asked! 

But really though, we'll never be able to find all the fabulous walls/photo backdrops as she has. We're almost thinking that they might come to find her, in an effort to be a part of her fabulous Instagram feed. ;) Or maybe she just has an eye for them. Or maybe a little bit of both. 

Again, there are so many others on Instagram that bring us so much inspiration! But we hope you've enjoyed reading about four of our favorite ladies! Now, go and follow them, like yesterday. :)



Jen & Cort