Brunchin' at Blu Jam

Hi, sweet peaches! 

So, anyone who follows our blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, whatever---one thing is painfully obvious. We love us some brunch. Eggs, pancakes, waffles, bacon, all of those together, you name it, we'll eat it. Breakfast food all day, err'day. And exploring new brunch spots is one of our favorite things to do together and to blog about! We love sharing the gems we find all around L.A. and the goodies that we get to eat! Because eating is also our favorite, sooooo.

Today, we're sharing one of our favorite little dive spots--Blu Jam! I don't even know how to describe Blu Jam. It's small, cozy, always crowded (for good reason), and kind of tucked away. We both have a spot in our hearts for it because it kind of imitates southern food just a little. Blu Jam definitely isn't your swanky L.A. brunch where you order a single egg white with a flower that was designed out of olive oil surrounding it. Blu Jam is where you go to cure your hangover. You go there to drown your sorrows in syrup after you've been on your fifth crappy Tinder date. Ultimate soul food, y'all. This was the first place we brunched when we finished Whole 30 (and after having a few cocktails the night before) and it. was. everything. 

Seriously, so many things to love about this place. I can't speak enough on the "down home" feel that makes my Tennessee heart so happy (although I love me a good fancy brunch too). They also have vegan options and gluten free options (which we didn't abide by this time, but ya know, ambition for next time, right?). And it's pretty affordable to be one of the most talked about spots in L.A.! Jenna and I always split things everywhere we go, because neither of us can ever decide on just one thing, so we usually wind up with a smorgasbord (which we definitely don't mind!). 

This time, we ordered the Roma Via Paris, which is farm fresh eggs scrambled with spinach, peppers, tomatoes, basil, goat cheese, and mozzarella. Kind of healthy, right? So we decided to balance it out with their legendary blueberry pancakes and dirty chai lattes. 

Side note: blueberry pancakes aren't hard to make, so why the hell do mine NEVER taste this good?! Probably some super simple secret like "add cinnamon" or something. Whatever. I'll just let Blu Jam keep making them for me.  

So, whether you wanna kinda try to be healthy or just totally Regina George it, and carb it up, Blu Jam is your place. Casual, laid back atmosphere (we always try to sit outside!), and delish grub to match.

And while we wish our stomachs were infinitely empty, we aren't able to squeeze all of our faves into one sitting, so here are two of our other ordering recommendations:

Cort's recommendation---Breakfast Quesadilla (if you like spicy!)

Jen's recommendation---Crunchy French Toast (Blu Jam's signature thing)

Any favorite dishes from any of you L.A. babes who have been here? We seriously go probably once a month, so tell us what to order next! Or tell us your fave brunch spot (L.A. or otherwise!). We're always looking to add to our list! 

Love & Lipstick Stained Coffee Mugs ;)